Saturday, March 28, 2009

sdrawkcab ,yadrutaS (Saturday, backwards)

Today's events, in reverse order:

This was one of the last houses we passed, all decked out for an Easter Egg Hunt. J pointed out that even C could find those eggs. How many can you find? Look closely! (note, no prize except for bragging and glory rights will be won)

After the playground, we strolled past the site of the future elementary school in our neighborhood. If we stay here long enough and don't homeschool (more on that later), we'd send C to that school. Anyway, we kept walking and went down Springdale. We loved walking down this street because the houses were beautiful, old, and rambling, much like our favorite street when we lived in Cambridge, MA (Brattle Street, aka Tory Row). This picture is of one of the first houses we passed. We'd hate to be their neighbors as their grounds were beyond breathtaking. With my Dutch ancestory, I can't help but love tulips!

After being inside all day today (and yesterday for that matter), we decided to go for a walk. J had never been to the playground that I recently found and frequented twice this week. C definitely didn't mind going back:

One of our last stops was the LĂ„RABAR booth. Renowned for their wonderful customer service by the twin, we have come to love these all natural bars ourselves. The twin even feeds Lil' Miss them! (C has to wait a bit longer as they have nuts in them). J tried to go by the tent two or three more times to snag more samples but , with the baby, it was obvious that we'd been there before--who wouldn't remember this face?

After running in my last race, I brought home some Einstein Bagels for C to gnaw on. Lucky her there was an Einstein Bagel Booth at the Expo! Here is J loving on C loving on the bagel:

A year ago, I was 21 weeks pregnant with C and thought I couldn't race a half marathon. To make sure I wasn't tempted to register, I decided to volunteer instead. Well, that was all fine and good but, as the days got closer to the race, I thought I'd be jealous of all the runners who were running while I stood on the sidelines and passed out water. So, I decided to do my own 14.2 mile route the day before. While I loved every minute of my run, I ended up tripping over construction on a sidewalk, bleeding all over the sidewalk, busting my phone, and being helped by the Knicks' trainers. What a nightmare.

This year, since I wasn't pregnant, I thought I'd be less clutzy and could do the same thing as I did last year. Well, sadly, it was downpouring all day and I wasn't up for a long run in the rain. So, we carried on with half of the tradition and went to the Expo. We still have the grad-school mentality of gravitating and taking everything that is free, especially food. C caught on quickly and gladly took a hand clapper:

The day started bright and early at 6:30 AM. I am going to run the Hood to Coast relay race with my local competitive team. Since a lot of people would be in town for it, we decided to meet for a 7 AM (runners are gluttons for punishment) breakfast to get to know each other better.

I had to take C because J was working early in the morning. Besides the restaurant actually not opening until 8 AM (they let us in and gave us full breakfasts and won us over as life-long customers because of their great service), everything went well. C didn't want to eat as she was too busy making friends with the girls on the relay team. So, when we got home, we hung out with J (who was back in bed). C got to enjoy her very first breakfast in bed:

Hope you enjoyed our backwards post!

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HisTreasuredPossession said...

Fun times...and yes. It's all so goregous!! We still love free stuff (but my dear friends, who are Dutch too would say this tendency has nothing to do with "college" but with being Dutch..LOL!)

What a fun way to write a post!