Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Many of you know that I was a bit hesitant to receive the iPhone as my birthday gift (as mentioned here). I am a klutz with a capital K.

When I was pregnant with C, I ran a half marathon, tripped, fell, and broke my previous phone's screen into multiple pieces. I knew I was bound to do something sometime to my newest phone, which is why I was hoping to just get the old-school Nokia 3360.

I loved that phone! It was my first mobile phone and it had the awesome snake game. Simple pleasures.

Regardless, I grew to love my iPhone and get comfortable with it...a little too comfortable. Yesterday, I was leaning over to change C's diaper and it dropped into my coffee mug. Yes. INTO the mug. The mug that had COFFEE IN IT. Yes.

I flipped out. Called J. He flipped out. Turned it off. Went online, did some research, heeded some sage advice from Facebook friends, and waited.

I waited until last night to turn it back on. Trepidly, I dialed J's #. Would I be able to hear it ringing? (that was the only issue I found before I turned it off after the dropping episode--the speaker didn't work). Amazing answer to a small prayer--It works! yay! Praise!

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