Friday, January 1, 2010

A Fond Friday Farewell

Dear Friends,

After a lot of thought, I've decided to end my blogging career on Monkeys on the Bed.

I have so very much loved getting to know you all through your sweet and thoughtful comments on my posts.

I have also loved writing my various daily themed posts like Word of God Wednesday and Thankful Thursday. And Tutorial Tuesday has definitely pushed me beyond my usual crafty-self to be more creative!

Sadly, this blog has also consumed my life at times and taken time away from Cutie Face and J. I have even prioritized writing a blog post over doing daily Bible devotions and quiet times.

I wish I could carry on with this blog but I really want to refocus my priorities in 2010 and I think it needs to begin with being online less.


I am not leaving the bloggy world completely!

I most definitely still want to keep a daily record of my life with Cutie Face and our impending arrival (6 weeks left!) so you can still find me blogging on {life with} Cutie Face.

I've also started a 365-day picture journal blog called "Picture a Year". Nothing exciting at all--just a place to record a moment of our day for one year.

I welcome you to check both of those blogs out and continue to be a part of our small little world. I also promise not to neglect YOU, my faithful readers--I'll still be keeping tabs on you :)

Happy New Year! Many blessings in 2010!