Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ice Cream Man, why are you so creepy?

Today it is only 47 degrees outside. Despite that chilly thought, what chilled me even more was the music of the ice cream truck coming down the street.

Usually I immediately think of this song that J insisted upon singing throughout our wedding weekend (we were renting a trolley to ferry the wedding party around happened to have a bell which J found particularly humorous when singing this song):

Despite that looong and annoying but funny song, I have a healthy fear of ice cream "vans" that look like this (not our sketch-mobile but I'll try to snap a pic of it soon):

Vans with no windows, sketchy exterior, and the fact that they are driving around when it is FORTY-SEVEN DEGREES outside. That is in my creep-book for sure.

Hope you at least enjoyed the song!

2 people think...:

The Newly Mrs. said...

does the fear have anything to do with that creepy clown that was rumored to drive around neighborhoods in a van with no windows during halloween to abduct trick o' treaters? remember that from foxworth? yikes!

Sledge said...

i remember J singing that all the time!