Sunday, March 22, 2009

We did all that in 48 hours?

Saturday started with my road race!

I've decided that, while my training from Wednesday (remember this post?) might have helped me a bit, I could still use a lot more mileage and speed workouts...

In between March Madness games, we took C for a walk while visiting Mimi and Poppy. C liked the view from their stroller and admired the budding spring trees:
We hung out with the twin who was hosting our sorority friend from college and her adorable daughter, Baby J

More March Madness ensued until we were too exhausted to watch.

J and I had nursery duty again this morning. Instead of relegating Baby C to the corner in her crib like last time, we let her play with the kids. She absolutely loved it when Audrey played with her

Lots more happened like a trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and a swing in the park:

C was so exhausted that she fell asleep at her bedtime feeding. We tried to get a priceless picture of her passed out, asleep at the bottle, but we didn't want to wake her...[tangent: since she is only taking ONE NAP a day, sleep is precious to her and to us. (I'm still trying to figure out how she dropped her first and last naps without warning. It just happened one day last week--she now only sleeps from 1-2:30/3...any suggestions from you seasoned moms? I miss those nap times!)]

What a busy but great weekend!

3 people think...:

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Can you just put her down for a "quiet time?" It is a bit really for her to just take one nap. What sleeping book/method are you using?

Looks like ATL is Beautiful this time of year!

Cee said...

I used to be a seasoned racer before I got pregnant- then it all kinda went downhill- I admire you for sticking with it! I know it would be easier if I had some running mommy friends to run with.

lil miss' mama said...

um hey--you stole my springtime bud picture.