Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Running: 3 IS the magic number

C and I, along with our trusty jogger (3) went on a run this afternoon. Along with us, we took our ever-faithful rice crackers (split into 3 pieces) and her sippy cup (sadly, only 1). Here is how our run exemplified the wonderful number 3 (the twin would beg to differ as she hates odd numbers)

I have raced three times since having C. I've won two races and come in second for the third (I was racing with C prior to the trusty jogger). I typically like Half Marathon distances (10.1 + THREE!) but two out of the last three races have been 5ks (3.1 miles).

I am training for my fourth race this Saturday. Training has not gone well as I've been out of commission for quite some time but that is a completely different post. I decided to get some last-minute training in before Saturday so headed out towards the race course (we live very close to part of it).

I split my run into thirds and decided to give C a third of a rice cake each time we started a section of the run. Mid-run, I decided to do some hill repeats on a hill that will be on the course--"why not do THREE," i thought, "one for each mile I'll be racing" (and to stick with the number theme, it seemed like a good idea).

All-in-all it was a great run. I tried to charge up those hills, knowing that pushing a jogger would add to the challenge and, hopefully, make me stronger by race day...oh in THREE days (which, really, probably won't help since it is so close to the race but no matter). Stay tuned for the results.

I'm not going to lie, I stole a few (3 maybe?!?) swigs of water from C's sippy. Glad she is my training partner!

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