Monday, March 23, 2009

Sadly uncrafty

I attempted to make the crafts for this age-old giveaway and I failed. Miserably. So, if you are waiting for your crafty gift, please be a bit more patient. I'm going to get with the crafty twin and have her help me.

In other news, I spent 4 hours on DiaperSwappers looking at cloth diapers. I'm obsessed. At least I'm good at something. Actually, the twin wants to add a few more cloth diapers to her current stash of...three...(yeah, 3 doesn't cut it when you change a diaper at least 4 times a day.)

And, while we're on the topic of diaper changes, I might as well add that I did not change one #2 diaper today.
Sorry to all you non-mommies who read my blog...this is going to get into details that only a mother of an infant could love...
No, Baby C is not constipated--I've actually been putting her on the toilet every time she starts indicating that she is going to pass a BM. And, it works! No-fuss-no-mess-genius-i-love-it! We'll see how long it lasts...

and for those of you still reading, thank you. this concludes the yucky diaper post

2 people think...:

Julia said...

Ashley needs more than 3 cloth diapers...seeing as she hates odd numbers just like I do (I have to listen to volumes of things like the TV and car stereo on even numbers)...and also, could you elaborate on what signs indicate a BM is imminent? I am curious about this. Right now Asher just lets a big one and the rest is history!

Mandy said...

i just bought a few more diapers for the new baby. I am still planning on making some, but am so tired my the end of the day I didn't think I would be able to make enough. I ended up buying bum genius. I figure this would make the most sense since I'll have two in diaper and the bum genius will fit all sizes.
Way to go on the potty training!