Sunday, March 8, 2009

7-months old!

Whoa. Baby C is now closer to being one than she is to quite the numeral term I was going for but it works.

Her big 7-month day started with church--bright and early for daylight saving's time! When I am in charge of the nursery, I bring her portable crib (made by Phil and Ted's) and try to get her to go to sleep. I know that Sunday naps are usually a wash but it is worth a try. This time I put some drapes I found in the closet over her crib. It worked--for about 20 minutes. I finally let her get out and "play" (aka, sit).

Then we went to Trader Joe's where C sampled the water:

***Reason 1001 why I LOVE TJ's--when asked how old she was by our checkout clerk, I replied, "she is 7-months old today". He promptly left his line and came back with a bouquet of roses! How sweet! LOVE TJ's.***

(Note: I wanted to snap a picture of the nice cashier who gave them to her but I thought that bordered a bit on the obsessive level so I passed. I did get one of her in the parking lot with her flowers, though)

After another nap attempt, C got to try more finger food--Tofu and Rice Cakes (also from the TJ--as we say it, phoenetically spelled the Teage)

Then J and I ran to the BIG park with the Baby Jogger (and of course, C. We would of looked ridiculous without her). It was hopping--crazy amount of people. We had to stand in line for C to use the baby swing! Good times.

We also celebrated Daylight Saving's Time by getting a free shot of espresso at Caribou Coffee--if you missed this incredibly nice offer, go there tomorrow--they are offering a free espresso shot all day Monday, too!

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Jenny said...

Happy birthday to Baby C! I can't believe she is 7 months already. I know what you mean about Sunday naps--our little boy loves going to church but it really messes up his nap schedule for the day.

Meghan said...
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The Nealons said...

That is so sweet about TJs and the flowers! I'm jealous...the closest one to us is outside Detroit...NOT close. :( Boo. I'll just have to stock up when I go to OH and GA. Happy Birthday, Baby C!