Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another "park"

Because C was so cranky today, I decided to take her for a walk around the block. We used to do that all the time when nothing else would console her. As I was walking up the street I had an "Eureka!" moment--there is a church a block away from us that doubles as a preschool...which means they must have a playground, right?!

Sure enough, we wandered around the church until we found the incredibly extensive playground. It was empty so we had it all to ourselves. It featured her old-faithful, the swing:

as well as quite a few new toys she had never experienced. One was the tri-bouncer (what its proper name is, I have no idea). She had actually been on this little toy back in January but she wasn't able to support herself on it. Here she is modeling her balancing abilities:

Best of all was a brand new toy, even to me. I saw these two buttercup looking like toys inbetween the swings and the tri-bouncer. It looked deep enough for a baby's bum so I nestled her in there and then watched as gravity took affect (and the toy's purpose became apparent)...it spins you around and around. C squealed with delight and seemingly loved it. I could only handle so much of it, though, as I got dizzy just watching her. Looks like she'll have no problem in the Mad Hatter Tea Party at DisneyWorld. Good girl (much better than her mama who dry heaves upon exiting such an apparatus).

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no worries! if you come visit for disney, i'd be happy to sit on the teacups with little C. miss you!