Tuesday, April 7, 2009

(Grand)parental Guilt

I largely started this blog so that I could have extra entries into contests. Then I thought it would be fun to write a blog that was similar to the other blogs I subscribed to--they reviewed baby products and gave away fun prizes while incorporating their every day life. Then, the blog morphed again into being a family-oriented blog. Those of you who have been reading from the beginning sure have seen quite the range!

To my family of readers: I want to thank you for reading and for bearing with all the reviews and giveaway posts. As soon as this 100th post giveaway is over, I'm getting back to the (often more) mundane posts of our day-to-day life.

To my new readers: Thanks for joining me. I hope you have read my "About Me" and know what I am all about--a Christian first, then a wife, and then a mother, daughter, sister, friend (and cat lover, too). And if you really want to know even more about me, here are all the posts about that. If you want to unsubscribe or de-follow (yes, i know that is not a word!), that is alright with me since I am no longer "as" obsessed with becoming popular in the blog world (see # 22, #23, and #24 in my almost-100 things about me)

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Now onto the title of this post: (Grand)parental guilt. My dad showed me that he was reading my blog on his new iPhone. When I heard that, I felt guilty that I wasted his time on all the reviews and giveaway rigmarole. Then J was talking to his mom who also mentioned that the blog was largely uninteresting to my family (sad!). So, I am feeling guilty that they haven't had anything fun to read about C.

Today, I had to pick up my orthotics from my podiatrist. C and J accompanied me and we decided to make it into a little outing. We had coupons for free Bagel Poppers at Einstein Bagels and, conveniently, there was a Caribou Coffee in the same parking lot (I used to work at ★$s but find that I like Caribou's environment and beverages better). So we stopped into Einstein's to get our bagels. Because they were almost closing they gave us 3 free bagel popper containers without us having to buy a beverage or use our coupon! Fans for life!

Since we didn't have to buy a beverage at Einstein's, we headed over to Caribou with our bagel loot. Who knew that there was a Senior Citizen Chess Meeting there, too?!?! HILARIOUS, I tell ya! These people loved their chess and practically took up the whole building. The talk of the shop while we were there was that their local chess hall was actually going to be open on Good Friday ("what? What? they're still holding chess on Good Friday!?!"). I don't think they knew whether to be happy that they could still play or be outraged that it was going to be held on a somber Christian holiday.

I tried to covertly snap a few pics of the chess masters while pretending to take pics of C (eating her bagel popper):

2 people think...:

Sledge said...

I think the blog is interesting and I'm family...I just don't manage to get on to check it everyday but I do have several marathon session days a week to catch up!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading for several weeks and I really like your mix of photos and reviews of baby items. I am definitely going to ask for your advice when we get to solids. In the meantime we've finally started a photo blog (which I will update occasionally - probably more when I'm abroad) for our fusspot: taliastravelblog.wordpress.com.

- Ariel