Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not-so-wordless Wednesday

8-months old today!

C and I were a little under the weather today.

Lack of sleep + drastic fluctuations of the weather + exposure to other kiddo germs = bad news

We scrapped the plans for the day which made me a little was the first meeting of the Diaper Free Baby Group in my area. I never thought I'd be sad to miss something like that but, here I am, finding myself "crunchier" by the day (as one of my new blogging friends would say, "chewy, not crunchy"). I am, however, reading "the Diaper Free baby" and will report back on that soon :)

Speaking of no sleeps what a nightmare getting C to sleep has been as of late. She used to be the world-champion sleeper back in the day. Seriously, from birth to about 4-months old, she was only awake for 4 hours tops each day. (as a side note, I was able to get soooo much done! those were the days!).

When she was born, we wanted to follow the BabyWise Schedule as much as possible so I started subscribing to a great blog written by an expert BabyWise (BW) mom. Obviously, somewhere along the way, either I got supremely lazy implementing the BW plan or C just decided to throw it out the window but, regardless, our daily life no longer looks anything like BW.

After getting worried about her lack of sleep and frustrated by her lack of schedule, I decided to look up the sage BW mom's advice. Here is what I found:

BW Mom nurses 4 times a day (I currently nurse C 3x)! BW Mom's 7-month old took 3 naps a day! BW Mom is amazing!

Seriously, though, I'm going to try to get C on a more consistent schedule so that she and I can both come to expect when certain things (like eating and naptime) will happen throughout the day. I think consistency will be key but flexibility will still be important! So here is to a brand new day of parenting C...

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