Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: GJR Designs

Gwen of GJR Designs is another incredibly crafty mom of three great kiddos (who are currently on Spring Break! yay, Gwen!). Not only is she a wife and mom, but she also works full time and loves every minute of that, as well. Talk about busy (but fulfilled)!

Gwen gave me a great blurb about herself and, rather than retelling it, I'm going to let her story tell itself:

My husband is self-employed in the heating and air business and with the downfall of the economy; most of his commercial clients had to slow down or even stop construction leaving him with little or no work. We are very strong Christians and believe that God will sustain us, so we really weren't in the panic mode, but I knew we couldn't make it with just my salary.

I prayed for a way to bring in just a little more money into the household budget without taking away any more time from my family. That's when the idea to make the drawstring bags came to mind. I knew these were very popular with the students and would probably go over well. I also realized this wasn't really MY idea at all!

I hadn't sewn in years, but found a wonderful pattern online. It turned out really well and my son asked me to make him one in his favorite sports theme. He took it to school and the next thing I know, I had orders coming in. Now I've expanding to fundraisers, as well. I truly enjoy working with Relay for Life and Breast Cancer Awareness groups.

Matching up different fabrics to create a unique design is not only fun; but is very stress-relieving for me. I love making backpacks and now have expanded to making the Chelsea backpack, which is my favorite.

God has truly blessed me in so many ways and this is just another one of His journeys He has planned for me. It may not become a huge business venture, but I'll continue following where He leads me and see what happens.

Gwen also has a blog where she is hosting her own giveaway! Make sure you check it out here....

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