Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby C on the move (and in the movies)

I was video-happy today and captured C (who turned 8-months old today!)...

clapping (moving her hands),

trying to crawl (she still flops but she is trying to get one hand in front of the other)

and learning to "walk". I saved this video for last because it is kind of funny but kind of sad.
Don't worry! C was not hurt before, during, or after the making of that video.

Hope you enjoyed!

2 people think...:

Upstatemomof3 said...

Hee hee!! Baby Sister looks exactly like Baby C. She looks just like that when she crawls (and they are only a few weeks apart) and I have been worrying about why she does not crawl yet. I feel better now. :) I love that inch worm thing they are doing though. Oh and the rocking.

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh! That gave me a definitely needed giggle while in the midst of editing the thesis. You have such a cute daughter!