Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review: Well of Creations

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Robin of Well of Creations. She an incredibly strong wife and mom who leans entirely on God for her support and peace. Her husband is currently serving in Kuwait but is coming home SOON! yay!

Here is what Robin had to say about her Etsy store:

I am a military wife who loves Jesus and found that during this particular deployment I was at my wits ends about what to do with myself to keep me sane until my husband comes home from Kuwait. We have a 3 year old daughter (who was 2 when her daddy left) and we live in Arizona where we have no family for support. God allowed art to be therapy for me, to feel more connected to Him and to feel "productive," -- something to show for the lonely nights and weekends.

My favorite thing to make is hats because, while I love how other people look in hats, I never like how I look in them when I attempt to buy one at the store. And I hate the way my curly hair looks in them-not very feminine.

1) What is your favorite material that you've incorporated into your design?
What I love about crocheting for sure is that I am helping to break down the stereotype that crocheting can't have a "cool" feel to it. That said, I have fallen in love with incorporating felt into the hats as embellishments. Another happy accident-I bought an item for a card I was making which was made out of felt and lost the receipt so my local craft store would not allow me to return it. So the felt flower was fairly large and I was in the mood to try something different and found that it is EASIER to sew with felt!

2) What is your favorite pastime when you aren't working on your Etsy projects?
My absolute favorite thing to do outside of crafting is yoga. I am an instructor who about two years ago now met the founder of Holy Yoga, a Jesus focused yoga program, and it has transformed my worship experience. My daughter has her own mat as well and we love to play around with the different movements.

3) What is the one best word that describes you? Genuine

You can get to know Robin more in her personal blog or get a sneak peek into what she is creating in her Etsy blog She is still looking for her first sale so head on over to her store and check out the wonderful things you can buy!

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