Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make your own baby cereal

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Yesterday we headed to the big farmer's market to stock up on produce and grain to make C's baby food. We largely follow Super Baby Food's plan on what to make, how to make it, and how and when to feed it. Here is C in the market (we use lots of avocado in her food). Don't mind the Sam Adams--that is for J to get through the cold spell we're having in the city!

Today my tutorial is on how easy it is to make your own baby cereal. One of the main aspects of Super Baby Food is the porridge. This porridge isn't just any old cereal--it is Super Baby Porridge (of course). By the time your baby is 9-months old, you can add beans, brewers yeast, and kale to the porridge grains (delish!). Right now, C is still too young for the beans so we use grains + super green veggie + flax seed.

Some of my favorite grain combinations for C are millet + quinoa, oat groat + brown rice, barley + millet, etc. Today we are making Kamut + Spelt. Kamut is a "wonder grain" according to Wholesome Baby Food. It is loaded with nutrients. Check out more about Kamut by clicking on the photo:

Here is how I make it:

Pour equal amounts of each grain into your blender. Don't put in too much at a time--you don't want to burn the blender's motor! I use the "chop" button and then, to get it a little more finely grounded, I use "liquefy" at the end.

It should take about 2-3 minutes for everything to become a fine powder like the next picture.

I make a big enough batch to last C two days. Saves time! I use a 1 to 4 ratio--1 cup grain to 4 cups water

Let the water come to a rolling boil and then turn the heat to its lowest setting:

Pour in the cereal and whisk it. I cover the pot and whisk it every two minutes. It can take anywhere from 10-12 minutes to become a porridge-like consistency.

Voila! you are finished and have enough organic, whole-grain cereal to last at least 2 days.

If you feel inclined to write a Tutorial Post, I'd love for you to join us! Please tell us your blog name and copy the post of your tutorial into the Mr. Linky below. You can grab my tutorial button, too, if you are feeling very inclined (see button info on the left and email me with questions!)

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A Psych Mommy said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I haven't yet tackled making my son's cereal, but I think I want to give it a try. It looks easy enough!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I made my own baby food too! Seems so smart to me! It's cheaper, healthier, and they're actually learning what foods really taste like! Love it! It's really not as complicated and overwhelming as it seems like, either! Glad to see you are on board with this one. I guess I'm a bit "chewy" too! In our family we are all starting down the path of more natural foods. We've always been on that path, each of us. But for different reasons for each family, we're all heading further and further down that path. I grow my own garden, and have a compost. I'd love to buy all organic and stuff but can't afford to. I think even the small stuff adds up. I'm now testing the waters of all of this a bit more (no more packaged foods, etc). I have no extra time and money...but I feel like it's the right thing to do.