Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potty learning...!

So, I thought I wouldn't post anymore about C going to the bathroom on the toilet. But, when we met Mimi at the mall today and I had to go to the bathroom myself, I thought, "why not show her off?"

So, we took her into Nieman's (if only they knew!) and put her on the potty (don't worry, I cleaned it) and two seconds later, out came two little plops. Needless to say, Mimi was impressed!

side note: I actually took a picture of the next poo she made when we got home (you are probably either truly grossed out by now or beginning to realize how exciting this is for me!) but I decided to not post it. In case you are truly curious, it just looks like a mini version of what yours probably looks like :)

I think I'm going to go buy her this toilet tomorrow to celebrate her little victories...

It may look like a big chair but this mom talks about how she uses it for her little one (4 months old) to EC which is effectively what we're doing when we place C on the toilet :)

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