Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love Wednesdays

Why? Because I get to really delve into the word of God by exploring Genesis chapter by chapter and...BONUS! i get to see all my nursing-mommy friends at Bible Study (we are in the nursing mothers core group)!

Three of us all had daughters within days of each other which makes it really neat to see the girls growing together. They are both leaving C in the dust with their mad-crawling skills. Here are some precious pics of them from today:

Poor baby C needs to learn some people-skills. Either that, or she is just jealous of Baby A's hair. She tried to pull it out and made Little A! Hopefully she will not become a bully--not if Babywise principles can help it, that is!

I thought this pic of C was hilarious:

All that playing with babies made her sleepy! While we might sacrifice a nap in the morning to go to Bible study, she sure does sleep well on the way home!

PS Another mommy giveaway! If you don't have a babe, though, this adorable blanket would definitely be snuggle-worthy for your pampered pet (and I know those of you sans kiddos have pets and that they are pampered). Check it out by clicking on this pic:

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Julia said...

Sign me up!

I wish I could have been there, I hate my job this week :(. But I love the pic of C sucking her thumb...Asher started sucking his fist about 2 weeks ago. So cute!