Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recap: all in a day's work

C decided that all that potty time at the mall tuckered her out. We shopped, she dropped...sadly, this was the ONLY nap she took for 20 minutes all day.

J finally came home tonight but he needed a ride home from the office so C and I finished up her bath and headed out to get him. Immediately following her bath, C expects a bottle and if she doesn't get it...oooh, boy, look out. I decided I'd rather not have her cry and scream when she sees J for the first time in days so I brought along the bottle and propped it up on her shopping cart cover:

C still did not want to sleep (despite the eyes being closed in the above pic) because she finally got to see her daddy. Sadly for her, J and I had date night to get to! So, we dropped her off at our neighbors. Before we got there, though, we spiked her growing hair into a sweet fauxhawk. We believe she found it humorous.

And, on our way to date night, the rain finally ceased and all Spring broke forth in its fine array, displaying the splendor of God's Creation:

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