Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: 10 easy ways to make someone's day

It used to be one of my goals in life to make seemingly sad, harried, hurried, or just downright unrespondent people SMILE and tune in with the world for a bit and see how great and fun life can be.

Granted, there are many many legitimate concerns and worries that often don't allow for someone to see the joy in the day. I've been there, for sure (remember this post?) but as a Christian, I'm given unending Joy in the knowledge that my Savior and King has rescued me (me! a HUGE sinner!).

Anyway. Back to the Tutorial!

If you want to make someone smile or make their day, it really isn't that hard--and you'll end up making your own day, too!

  1. (the easiest) Make eye contact with someone passing you on the street. Give them a BIG smile and tell them, "have a nice day!" <--the key is actually talking to them as you walk past them--lots of people can smile, not too many people take the time to wish another a nice day!

  2. If you are stuck in a line or on a bus or subway train, notice someone around you, smile, and give them a compliment. Maybe they have a pretty accessory or you like the way their hair looks or they just have a pretty smile themselves. You are bound to find SOMETHING nice about them that you can compliment them on.

  3. If you are feeling particularly generous, let that person behind you go in front of you in that long line. Or, if you are on a bus/subway, give up your seat or offer your newspaper, etc. to a fellow passenger.

  4. When you finally get to the front of the line or get off your bus/subway, why not talk to the cashier and thank them for being so efficient or talk to the driver of the bus and thank him/her for a safe ride? Guaranteed to make their day and give them a little pep in their step!

  5. Drive to work and won't be getting in any long lines any time soon? Send an email to someone you've been thinking about and let them know that you appreciate their friendship (if they are a friend) or their work ethic (if they are a co-worker).

  6. Go to the Dollar Store and pick up a bunch of cheap $1 cards. Send out the cards to friends or family you haven't seen in a while just to say "hi". This will cost you $1.42 and a bit of time but it will be SO WORTH it to the friend who gets it! I promise.

  7. Call a loved one--I'd start with your grandparents. Don't have any grandparents left? Call your parents. Don't have any parents? Call your siblings. Don't have any siblings? Call your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife. Don't have any of those? Call your best friend and tell them that you LOVE them and appreciate them for all the little things they do and the things they do for you that make YOU smile.

  8. Do you have a child(ren)? I LOVE getting little Monkey to smile, wave, and say, "HI!" as we pass people in the stroller. It gives people a big kick to see a little person notice them. Don't have kids yet? Why not try and make a little kid smile yourself--just make a funny face, wave, or say hi and you'll most likely get a response from them and their grateful parent!

  9. Do you know someone who had a new baby? Or someone that is ill or injured? What if you noticed that a new family moved into the neighborhood? I love making desserts (homemade brownies!) or bringing dinner to people who are in any of those situations!

  10. Finally, and this one is probably the most expensive and time consuming but most likely to bring the most joy and happiness to someone--why not send a care package to someone in the military or a new student away in college? Don't know anyone in either of those situations? Well I have a cousin serving in the Army and 4 cousins in college who would love to hear from you...ha!
I'm sure you know of many great ways to make someone's day, even if it does just mean making them smile...what works for you? I'd love to hear it!

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Melissa G. said...

Great post! So often we go about our day so self absorbed and don't take the time to really be nice to those around us. Like you pointed out, it doesn't have to be a lot. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and a kind word.

PS. i'd move into your neighborhood just for the homemade brownies! yum! =)

Heather said...

what fun ideas!

Kelly said...

What a fun tutorial! I love all those ideas, especially the dollar store cards--who doesn't love mail??

Also, until I saw your blog it hadn't dawned on me that today is Tuesday...off to think up a tutorial... : )

Chelsey said...

Thanks for the great post and the reminder that it is so easy to brighten someone else's day (and in turn it will make your own day brighter too).

My daughter loves encouraging others. When she was 3 she started passing out drawings, stickers or flowers to strangers! (under my supervision of course). She's 5 now and still does it when she gets the chance. One elderly lady was so touched to get a flower from my daughter because she says now-a-days most parents don't even want their kids to talk to strangers at all. My policy is my daughter can talk to anyone as long as she's with me!

**Nicole** said...

What great ideas!!! My daughter tells random strangers hello ALL the time!!! Lol! It really does make their day :)