Monday, September 28, 2009

Shameless Plug: Help the twin win!

You all know the twin by now.

{If you don't, she is crafty (in a good way), creative, and great at writing! In other words, she took the right half of the brain and I took the left.}

She is up to her creative antics again!

and this time I can actually help her....

and I'm hoping you might want to as well

{hence the shameless plug}

Here is the deal:
The twin wrote an essay for a Baby Bjorn contest--Entrants in this contest wrote short essays about an experience that shaped their definition of being a parent. Basically, she had to write about a moment describing when what being a mother suddenly becomes clear to her. Oh yeah...and she had to do this in 100 words or less!

the prize is AWESOME and I'd be ecstatic if the twin won!

The essay with the most votes by 8:00 p.m. EST October 2, 2009 will win a $1,500 travel voucher and two tickets to the MOTHERHOOD New York City Premier and after-party from BabyBjörn on October 14, 2009. Five runners-up will win a BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Synergy, so they can carry their infants close to them while multi-tasking on a busy day.

Now here is the tough part. You have to register.

Groan. Sigh. Boo. I know I know.

If I weren't the twin's twin, I'd probably just stop reading right now and forget about it. I WISH I could offer you extra entries to a contest or a prize for registering...But that would be cheating (and we don't want that!)

BUT, we'd both be eternally grateful if you registered and voted for her.
Seriously. We would.

Here is the twin's post on it.

She includes the link to her essay and the leaderboard link so you can see how she's doing!

Thanks for reading and thinking about voting...

and, if you voted here's a big SMOOCH & HUG for doing so :)

4 people think...:

Life with Kaishon said...

I am going to go register and vote for her right this instant :) well, as soon as I look at your blue picture.

Life with Kaishon said...

Did she ask all of her facebook friends to vote for her?

Natalie said...

My vote made her reach 43 votes. Remind us to long in tomorrow and vote again. Not that there is much compitition. Runner up only has 20 something votes :)

Natalie said...

No Problem. I hope she wins :)