Saturday, May 30, 2009

I {heart}...You!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me or wrote in my last post's comments section. Writing these "bare-all" posts causes me to be increasingly more open with you--so watch out!

I know, I know...i said on Thursday that I'd only post here 5 days a week since i now have my "personal" blog dedicated to updates about C and our family (new updates by the way!). Here it is, Saturday, and I've posted twice already! While I may be truthful in my reviews, it appears that i cannot be held accountable for my blog goals {much like me + New Year's Resolutions = failures}

Well, i've come up with two new ideas for Saturday and Sunday. Tell me what you think about these themes (can you tell i strive on structure?!) and if you'd get sick of seeing me in your Reader 7 days/week:

Saturday = Super Saturday Steals (in which I write about the latest cloth diaper giveaways/deals or any other can't-pass-up kiddo/mommy deals)

Sunday = Social-cause Sunday (in which I write about a cause that i love or think is worthy to be mentioned--mind you, these posts would probably not happen too often as I can only think of a handful that are absolutely important to me)

If I get enough response, I'll publish what i've got on the back burner...

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A Psych Mommy said...

I love your ideas! I'm interested in seeing what causes you write about on Sundays--I always love supporting different charities/causes so hopefully you will introduce me to a new one!

Anyhow, if you're interested for a combined Supser Saturday Steal and Social-cause Sunday, I know pediped shoes is doing their Purchases for a Purpose fundraiser for Make A Wish--some of their shoes are discounted and I've already stocked up on mine since they don't go on sale otherwise (plus I love Make a Wish!). Just an fyi :)

Kelly said...

Great ideas! And, on the weeks you don't have anything for your Sunday post, feel free to join me for Sunday Suppers!

Lindsay said...

These tongue twisters are really getting me all mixed up. Great ideas though!! Cute blog, I love the title.


i do so enjoy following you..even if i can't follow tutorials.

Jennifer said...

The weekend schedule sounds GREAT!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the baby birthday picture. SO sweet. And the cat. And those eyes. SO great.

So, don't tell anyone, but I felt kind of bad I didn't win last week either. I mean, I know I am not a super duper cool photographer like everyone else, but I just love it so much.

At first I didn't think I would win, but then as I was looking at the entries I really thought maybe I could : ) just once win. Even honorable mention.

I am sad to say I cried a little about it last night. And then my wonderful husband gary said, well what is the prize, and I said there is no prize, and he told me to get over it : ). And then he went and got me a little bucket of Hagan Daz coffee ice cream and all was well in my world : ).

I hope to get better some day. I just keep taking pictures and trying : ). I am reading two photoshop books right now. I have a hard time with that! I also only have a work computer so I don't want to buy actions or anything. Not that I would know how to use them....

But anyway, thanks for listening to me and encouraging me. You are so nice : ).

I love your blogging schedule. It is just perfect!

Missy said...

WOW.. Your pictures are awesome!!!! Thank you for your comments.. I'm still learning..