Saturday, May 30, 2009

We interrupt your Saturday AM Cartoons... let you know that I've now updated all my reviews to reflect one tiny fact:
Besides the Apple Cheeks Diaper (which I would have reviewed anyway because we l-o-v-e love it!), I have never received any products from the company to review nor have I received any compensation.
I started out my blog a looooong time ago (okay, 4 months ago but seriously, i've written 200 posts so it feels like forever ago!) writing about things that Baby C was really into or that we, as new parents, really valued.

Why is this important? Well, really, it isn't I guess but I just want you to know that the things I've reviewed are completely my own opinion and not tainted by any company, etc.

I started this blog so naively thinking that writing reviews of something that i really liked would be helpful to new parents (i even tried to clarify my reviews back then!). When I was pregnant, I pored over what "real moms" had to say about "real products" that they used (and maybe they were compensated to say things but, really, i'm thinking optimistically on this one).

Then i read this post (beware, it can leave you feeling crummy) and haven't stopped questioning why I write reviews or host giveaways. But, really, i do remember why--I wrote reviews because I want to be helpful to other new moms and I host giveaways because who doesn't love finding out about a new crafty and creative woman (usually a WAHM) and then supporting her store?

Sorry for the crazy post on a Saturday AM. I'm scheduling it for Saturday in hopes that it won't get too many views and, therefore, not offend anyon...Ahhh...i'm such a people pleaser.

PS And to all you who do write reviews for companies and get compensated--i seriously and am in no way being sarcastic when I say, "way to make money in this economy!" I am not offended by you or your review posts and love reading your reviews because i know that i can trust YOU!

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Lauren said...

Good point. And I agree, I am always interested to learn what real moms are saying about baby and child products. I guess I'm so naive (and such an honest person), that it never occurred that people might be presenting falsified testimonies on their blogs just because they're being compensated. :o/

I agree, again, that if a SAHM is earning a little extra income (even if in the way of free products) then good for her! What an awesome way to be able to contribute to the home. But hopefully folks are honest about it.

Southern Belle said...

Be encouraged, I never thought you were being anything other than honset, encouraging and offering advice on a product having been there done that. I attempted to read the "crummy post" but, it was so sarcastic I couldn't read the whole post. Blessings!


i think you are giving honest information. don't let what other people say or do bother you. trust yourself. when we stop believing in you, your readership will fall off.

A Psych Mommy said...

I think the main thing about an ethical review blogger is that they give their honest opinion about what they are reviewing whether they paid for it themselves, received a sample from a sponsor, or are paid to do it. Can you stand behind your review and opinion of the product? If so,then I don't think you need to worry.

I appreciate your candid reviews from a mom's perspective. In fact, a lot of products that I buy today and love are products that came recommended from mom blogs. In fact, I think I'm going to get some Apple Cheeks diapers the next time I buy diapers for my stash. I haven't heard of them before your review, and it's nice to know that someone else has tried it out before I bought them!

lil miss' mama said...

whoa--people make money from blogging? i'm in the dark over here, as always...just like how we never knew that people (gasp!) drank alcohol in high school! what is she talking about--trips and stuff? if i am catching on correctly people just try to get more people to come to their blogs to get more companies to say, oh a lot of people read her blog, we should advertise there? ugh. how do you tell the good from the bad because maybe i have been mislead this whole time about the blogging world!?! what if a girl just likes to write and misses having the chance to do it everyday and hates the thought of keeping up with a scrapbook, but doesn't mind pasting pictures of her growing family on a website? that's why i do it, and that's why i thought most people blogged. did someone say you were being dishonest?

Kelly said...

I enjoy reading the reviews that you do because I can always tell that you are genuinely excited about and support the product. I really like that you tend to include interviews with the creator of the product, or personal tidbits. It makes the reviews more real authentic =]