Friday, April 3, 2009

Review: Belleo Socks (soon to be BlindMice socks)

In my 100th Post Giveaway I originally wanted to include lots of information about each store that donated a giveaway item. Then I realized that the post was too overwhelming with all that information and might scare people away! That left me with still wanting to talk about the, I decided since 7 stores are giving away an item and the giveaway is lasting 7 days, I can talk about a different store every day for the next week. I'm going to review each store in the reverse order of its appearance on the Giveaway which means Belleo is up first!

J and I stumbled across the Belleo booth at the ING Expo that we attended last Saturday (remember this post?) The founders, Shannon Braley and Kristen Parker, were working in their booth and their enthusaism for high-quality, cute baby socks was so contagious that we bought some for C.

As soon as we got home, we put them on her little feet (which actually happen to be huge for her age but that is another matter...considering her mother wears 10.5!) You may even recall seeing C wear them in this post:

C usually wears the adorable Trumpette socks but they always leave an indentation ring around her calf from where the elastic hugged her leg. J and I were amazed when the Belleo socks stayed put but didn't leave any red marks on her cute chubsters. Instant fans!

Here is a bit more information on these great socks, as told by the founders of Belleo:

We shared our first pregnancies together and we delivered our babies within a month of each other. As new mothers, we confessed to each other that the one clothing frustration we both shared was: Is there a sock that can keep their feet warm and comfortable at all times without slipping off? Our desire to find comfortable, well-fitting and, of course, cute socks led to the creation of Belleo.

Belleo socks are not only cute; they are uniquely made – constructed from 83% bamboo, a natural antimicrobial and moisture wicking fiber. Belleo socks are THE softest socks on the market. Together, we found and hired Falke, a manufacturer based in South Africa, who makes America’s best-fitting running socks. Because the ‘fit’ was as important to us as the comfort, we wanted the construction of Belleo socks to be made of the highest quality.

1. Their favorite fabric to work with is: Our factory, Falke, is best known in the U.S. for Drynamax, the fabric used in their best-selling Balega running socks. While we wanted some of the properties from Drynamax – wicking moisture away, antimicrobial, durability and great fit – we also wanted the softest fabric we could find. We found it in bamboo, as it is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. Our socks really are the ‘softest’ baby socks on the market.
2. Their favorite things to do outside of working on their company are: Kristen - Traveling with my husband and 2 ½ year old daughter, running, making beaded jewelry and cooking.
Shannon – Getting together with other stay-at-home moms (especially when the weather is nice), running (by myself and with friends) – Running is actually how the concept of Belleo/Blindmice started. Kristen and I have been running together since college and we thought ‘why don’t our kid’s socks fit and feel as well as our running socks?’
3. The two words that best describe them are: I would say the two words to describe Shannon and I are: creative moms. We are also, at the moment, challenged by this new business and excited everyday by new things.

Make sure you check out their store! They are currently hosting a warehouse sale so you cannot beat their prices!

Please note: I was not compensated for this review. This review is based on my own opinion. I love these socks so much (we can't stop buying them!) that i just wanted to share!

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