Monday, March 30, 2009

Review: Leap Frog Baby Learn and Groove Play Table

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When we registered for this toy, we blindly followed the reviews and recommendations of parents before us. Of course we knew that a "Top Registry Item" meant that 1000s of parents had registered for it. Just because it was top, though, did not mean that it would have correspondingly top ratings.

My mom and the twin both found the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Table (the old school version, not the new high tech one) at various Resale Stores in the burbs. When I saw those and Lil Miss putting them in action, I had registry remorse. Why did I blindly follow the registry recommendations? Surely C will be developmentally behind because she does not have the Fisher Price learning table.

Well, C finally gets to the point where she can really engage with the various buttons and features on our Leap Frog table. And, amazingly, she is enthralled. To the point that she even giggles when she spies it from across the room. Maybe it is a "top reviewed" item as well!

As C gets older, this toy gets more interesting to her. I'm so glad she has it and that it entertains her. So far the A-B-C song and the 1-2-3 song are the most captivating for C. I, however, am particularly enamored with the Spanish button feature, especially when the woman in the toy sings out, "Arriba" and "Abajo". I've even taken to using those words ("High" and "Low") with C when we are playing.

Another great thing about this learning table is that kids don't get tired of it quickly. Our Bible Study leaders have a 2-year-old boy who we watched play with this very same table from the time we met him. And, in our Sunday School, kids 3.5 years of age still wander over and press all the buttons (if only we had batteries in it at church--it would be much more entertaining).

I have a feeling this toy will last us for a long time. Even J loves it

Please note: I was not compensated for this review. This review is based on my own opinion. Baby C (and J and I) love this table so much that i just wanted to share!

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