Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review: Baby Bjorn Little Potty

A while back, I talked about Elimination Communication (from this post). When we finally got up to the suburbs on Wednesday, the twin and I went out on a hunt for the Baby Bjorn Little Potty (here on out referred to as the BBLP). After staring at toilets in the Babies R Us store, I decided to just go with the toilet that fellow EC'ers recommended. I had a few qualms about it, mainly that it wouldn't last her for the duration of her potty training (2 years old?) and that it looked difficult to get clean. Regardless, I bit the bullet and just bought it. It was only $12, right?

C was still sleeping when we got home but Lil' Miss was up and playing (we left the girls with our mom, Mimi). Those of you who know Lil'Miss personally know that she will not sit still for anything. We thought the BBLP would be a momentary distraction and she'd be on her way. Not so much--this BBLP held her attention and she sat on it for quite some time. (note that she still has her clothes on--we weren't pottying her!).

When C woke up, we immediately placed her on the chair (prior to the BBLP, I supported her on the big-people toilet). She knew what to do and, after a few minutes, out came a gigundo #2! Amazing.

After the poo, however, I had no idea what to do with the thing. I managed to plop it into the real toilet and then rinsed it out in the bathtub. Not ideal and not what I was hoping to do everytime this circumstance occurred.

Here are pictures of the two girls on the BBLP:

So, the verdict: Do I like this potty? Well, yes and no.

Yes, it is the perfect seat for C and she doesn't mind being on it at all. It does the trick and she goes potty (usually just #2 but often #1 as well).

The downside is that it isn't very convenient to clean. I posted a new thread on Diaper Swappers (my favorite cloth diaper community website) and received a few tips from some other EC moms--like place some toilet paper in the bottom so that the deposit lands on it instead of the potty; keep an antibacterial spray nearby and squirt it down after every use; etc. I've been doing versions of those suggestions with pretty optimal results.

All in all, it sure beats holding C up while she does her duty but it is a little bit messier than just placing her on my "throne". (by the way, I think this toilet will definitely come in handy when we are on road trips (or so I hear)!)

Please note: I was not compensated for this review. This review is based on my own opinion. We use the BBLP so much that i just wanted to share my take on it!

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Mandy said...

I have this potty, but it wasn't my main one. I kept it in my car when I was potty training Layne. It was nice for those times when I had to pull over and let her pee on the side of the road (I would just throw the pee out and clean the potty when I got home. I do find it a little small, but it gets the job done. Layne didn't like the potty seat we kept in our bathroom. I bought a seat that fits on our toilet seat and Layne thought that was the coolest thing.

The Deavours Family said...

hmmmm...i don't know. i just recently stumbled upon training my just turned two year old. well, i just plop her on the big potty. in public, i put t.p or a seat cover down and she goes.....i'm so tired of keeping up w/ stuff, so i figure she'll just have to do it our way.

i agree with the "hassle" of potty seats. plus, i have a weak stomach.

Upstatemomof3 said...

Can you give me some EC advice? We have been placing Baby Sister on the toilet for several months now. We put her on as soon as she wakes up and after she eats. She usually goes. For awhile she was going every time now not always. But we keep missing her #2s. For a little while she was asking to go and now she has gotten really busy. She had an upset belly and very loose #2 and that is when we started missing it and now I don't know how to get back on track. Any advice or thoughts? Thanks!!

Tribal Baby Mum said...

I like the BBLP, it has a small hole so babies don't fall in it, easy clean as it is 1 piece moulded,and is a physiologically good position for helping them to go. My son used it until it was too small and simply moved to the toilet.

I don't understand how potty cleaning is hard, LOL It doesn't move, squirm and carry on like a baby being changed! It is MUCH quicker, and baby just needs a quick wipe! Plop poop into loo, wipe with some loo paper, squirt it with spray bottle. Wash hands as usual, done.

Upstatemomof3, I'm not sure how old she is, but babywearing is a great way to get the connection back. If you have a bit of an idea when she usually goes (once the belly bug is gone) wear her and sense her signals as she needs to go - they are amplified when so close to you, and you can also sense the change from regualr behaviour to the squirmy, twitchy, grizzly, clenching behaviours before a poop!


Charndra at Part Time EC said...

Oh yes, this page on my site might give some more tips on BabyWearing and EC that can help: