Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review: Festive Frills

a small disclaimer: Festive Frills is my crafty twin's Etsy store. However, this is also my blog, so I feel like I can be biased toward how much I love her items!

While Festive Frills may be brand new to the Etsy scene, crafter Ashley has been busy creating precious accessories ever since her daughter arrived. Everywhere she took her daughter, people would ask her where she found those flower headbands.

After countless queries, Ashley finally decided it was time to open a shop to make accessories like hers available to every child! Adding to the festive idea, Ashley began making birthday party decorations. Bring out these decorations every year to make your child feel extra special on his or her day! To learn more about Ashley, visit her on her blog.

1. Her favorite fabric to work with is: toss up between felt and tulle
2. Her favorite things to do outside of Festive Frills are: my favorite thing to do is to, along with my husband, take our daughter to the park and swing and slide and run around in the sunshine!
3. The one word that best describe her is: i hope the word "friend" describes me because i want to always be there for the people in my life and to always be wiling to do whatever needed for them!

a few more of the adorable creations she makes!

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Melissa said...

Have you heard of baby Stellan and his family's blog? He's in the hospital right now and has an amazing story.
I thought you or your sister might like to see this link...