Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thousands of Thanks Thursday

I cannot believe it.

I'm embarrassed to admit it.

I haven't done a Thankful Thursday post the past 3 weeks. Ahhh!

It wasn't that i couldn't find anything to be thankful for...just more like i couldn't find time to type a post! To make up for it, i am now going to go overboard for all the {more recent} things i've been thankful for since September 17 (date of last Thankful Thursday!)

{Warning: these may be random and they will certainly be out of order!}

  1. Pumpkin Coffee from the Fresh Market. (seriously this is the best ever. no comparison. and j and i don't even like flavored coffee!)
  2. That soy creamer tastes THE BEST in pumpkin coffee and that it completely makes my morning every morning.
  3. That said coffee+creamer combo comes in DECAF!
  4. Safe-keeping and some fun during the floods in Atlanta
  5. For safe travels to Boston
  6. Wonderful reunions with friends in Boston and Cambridge
  7. Getting to relive my old running routes in Boston and Cambridge...this time with Cutie Face...I LOVED it! Seriously one of the highlights of my trip!
  8. A fabulous trip to J's childhood home--Martha's Vineyard--to see his sister, "Sledge"
  9. For safe travels to Michigan
  10. Stunning Fall weather in Boston (and in Michigan) that make me itch for a cool, crisp Fall day in Atlanta but also make me thankful that we get to stretch our Fall out a bit longer
  11. Great free things to do on rainy days--favorites include visiting the Library and going to Petco (where the pets go!) and seeing the kitties up for adoption, along with the birdies, fishies, and rodents. Simple thrills.
  12. That I can walk to all of those aforementioned places even in the rain! We love where we live!
  13. I've been thankful for this before but we cannot say how much we enjoy the Museums on Us sponsored by Bank of America...this month we went back to the Botanical Gardens and it was so fun to have a walking, interactive kiddo to take along with us! See this post and this post for a peek into what we did!
  14. That bubbles can make our little monkey so excited and happy
  15. The chance to work with Felicia on Go Graham Go! She is an amazing woman, y'all!
  16. Getting to know new bloggy friends
  17. Relishing in the crazy football victory on our college's homecoming game day. It really was crazy. I'm so happy we got to witness it in person! Fun stuff! (If you like college football, check out this story for more details--we beat a team that had a 48-game winning streak!)
  18. A wonderful trip with Grandma (J's mom) while at Homecoming
  19. For Monkey's sweet spirit despite being so sick and stuffy. She is such a trooper and we get a kick out of her, snotty face and all.
  20. For all the fabulous people in real life, bloggy and twitter land that voted for my twin to win a trip to NYC. SHE WON, she is in NYC now and we are soooo grateful (thankful!) for your help in getting her there! What a treat.
  21. For one mama, in particular, that tweeted a lot for the twin's entry...Upstate Mom of 3. She just found out TODAY that she will finally become the mama to her third child...a beautiful child in Ethiopia. Check out her blog post about it here and consider voting for her blog here (no registration necessary--i promise this time! and if she wins she could get 20 days with her new daughter in Ethiopia! Now that, my friends, would truly be a treat!)
I want to add pictures. I really do. BUT I also want to go to sleep. So that, my friends, is a brief recap of things our little family is thankful for!

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<3 its the little things right? Hey how did you get so many followers? LOL Im stuck at 7!