Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday: late again but we're still thankful!

I really like waiting until the end of Thursday to write my Thankful Thursday post...just in case i'd miss anything that would make the list! The problem with that is that I procrastinate on it until the time i go to bed and then i do it on today!

Anyway, here is what I'm most thankful for this week!

1) Cutie Face LOVES loves LOVES eating vegetables, especially green ones (peas, green beans, broccoli and avocado--though that is technically a fruit!). She especially loves my green smoothies. I am so happy we don't have to figure out how to get her to eat those kind of foods...we'll see what #2 thinks about them!

2) We received our Gro Baby Biosoaker package in the mail yesterday! YAY for free cloth diaper fluff! I'll be posting a review of the biosoakers stay tuned.

3) Gorgeous fall days on Wednesday and Thursday (we went to the park...check it out)
4) Time with cousins! (on Sunday and Wednesday)

5) Whole Foods let us return our rotten pumpkin for a new pumpkin! I am thinking about re-doing my tutorial so that at least it can be complete...stay tuned for that, too. (check out what else we did that day...)

6) J and I were finally able to attend our church's community group last night--we haven't been able to go because Cutie Face was one big ball of green snotty cough goodness...and we didn't want to get the other babes sick. Thankfully, she is {mostly} over the phlegm snottiness and we felt she was safe to take to group. it was wonderful to experience that kind of fellowship again.

7) The best surprise package in the mail from Melissa! (i know i already blogged about that but it happened this week and i'm still thankful!)

8) I won a package of Bumpy Name Labels from the blog Nanny Deprived (cute name!) and they came yesterday! Cutie Face liked a bracelet. I think they are adorable and I can't wait to go somewhere so i can put a label on her sippy cup!

9) date night--tonight! J and I haven't had a date night in more than a month! So sad. We used to take a date night every Thursday but with Cutie Face being sick and J working ridiculously late, that was a no-go. We can't wait to hang out just the two of us for some dedicated couple time.

10) Free Bagel Fridays at Einstein Bros Bagels! AND they have pumpkin bagels. Divine. This offer is good until next week so make sure you print a coupon and get to Einsteins before 11 AM next Friday for your free bagel.
10) Strategically placed Port-a-Potties on the way home from Einstein Bros...a pregnant woman ALWAYS has to go and i, for one, have no shame in using a construction crew's!

11) Etsy GIVEAWAYS! on MY BLOG! Yes! I know you haven't seen an Etsy Giveaway on my blog in AGES but that is changing next week! Get excited! I'm very thankful for the Etsyians who are offering their products as gifts to one lucky reader. I think you'll like what they sell and are giving away.

If you are on Etsy and want me to host a giveaway, just contact me!

What are you thankful for this week?

5 people think...:

Natalie said...

I am thankful for a few nice days without rain. Being able to help in Lilly's classroom 2 times this week. 3 healthy (or 4) kiddos. A good nights sleep. The list could go on forever so those are just a few.
Hope you and J have a lovely time tonight! Enjoy your 'date'. Good to hear sweet cutie face is feeling much better :)

Lauren said...

Hope you had a WONDERFUL date night!! I feel like I haven't "talked" with you in forever - we've been a leetle crazy around here, and my best friend has been in town from WA for the past week.

Sorry I've been comment-deficient, ha! I always enjoy keeping up with you! :) Did you ever see the pumpkin crisp recipe I blogged a while back? I thought of you and your pumpkin cravings. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

You always make me smile. You are such a great Mommy and you inspire me. Really and truly!

I came to see the babies costume, but this was even better. Thank you for being a constant encouragement and blessing!

Hope your date was GREAT!

Melissa G. said...

Pumpkin bagels sound yummy!
Too bad they don't have Einstein Bros Bagels here in Ireland.

Christine Pobke said...

so sweet! i love the idea of date nights. we don't have kids yet so i feel like we don't need designated "date nights" per se, but that's dangerous as it means we always stay in and make dinner and watch tv! :) note to self: more date nights with substance! :) thanks for the inspiration! PS jealous over free bagels... australia is ridiculously behind on the culture of bagel. i miss it so much.