Monday, October 26, 2009

So blessed by YOU!

Many times throughout the week I think, "I should give up my blog."

I feel like i'm either a little obsessed with it or, if i've been slacking on it, i feel guilty and stressed. Not exactly what i thought i'd feel when starting a blog.

But then there are these AWESOME days when i get to connect with all of you and when we share pieces of our lives together. Whether you just read or you comment, your presence is very encouraging!

Today was one of those not-feeling-bloggy days. Cutie Face took more than an hour to fall asleep and then woke up 40 minutes later. i was tired and frustrated.

So we went to check the mail--usually a good pick-me-up!

Lo and behold, not only had the mail arrived but a care package of sorts had made it all the way to my door from the UK! Melissa from The Gill Family Adventures read that I LOVED Jelly Babies (a UK gummy treat) and sent them, along with some delish chocolate and toffee, straight to my door.

I cannot tell you how much this little package made my day and changed my attitude (kind of a wake up call to realize how poor my attitude was prior!)

Needless to say, Cutie Face wanted to know what could make me so happy so I decided to share some love with her, too. Her first taste of chocolate, directly from the UK and nothing but the best--Cadbury fruit and nut!

So thank you, Melissa, and thank you, all of you for your daily encouragement!

I hope I can encourage you, too, and am kind of thinking that a Christmas 2009 Care Package exchange system might be one way to do it...thoughts?

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**Nicole** said...

Awwww!!! How beyond sweet is that??!! Another pick me up for you ;) I'm giving you a blog award!!! :D Go check it out, I don't think it'll top this but maybe it'll make you smile!

Melissa G. said...

Aw, i'm so glad it brightened your day! It's brightened my day knowing that it encouraged you in some small way! =)
It was fun to see the pictures and how exciting that the fruit and nut was her first chocolate! =) yum!

KAS said...

Oh how I love proper Cadbury chocolate! I know it's "supposed" to be the same over here, but it's just not. Crunchies were my favorite, followed by fruit and nut and then Flake. *sigh*

Natalie said...

What a thoughtful gesture! Nothing quite like getting mail unexpected is there? It totally makes my day too. I got my prenatal drink in the mail. I have only tried the berry flavor and almost gagged! LOL Hopefully the lemonade one is much better {it is the one I thought I might like}. It totally tasted like Vitamins to me. LOL
BTW I still need to e-mail you back and answer some questions you asked me in the last e-mail!

Courtney said...

What yummy surprise!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

That is super nice! I'm glad you are feeling better with a nicer attitude.

Becca said...

aww - I am so jealous of the candy :-) but glad it made you feel better! I totally understand the feeling - if it wasn't for people like YOU I wouldn't blog any more for sure! :-)

Pruiksma's Progress said...

How fun!! How do you get soo many followers?? I heard about you through my friend Lauren!! I love your idea! Who doesn't love to get a package!! I have enjoyed reading some of your blog. Grace to you!

ldmiller said...

I have started to check your blog daily because I am always encouraged, uplifted, inspired, and blessed by you. And then I link to other blogs that you recommend, and I get the same thing...and then I write on my blog all joyful and encouraged...and then Lucas asks me what I did all day!

Christine Pobke said...

What lovely blog readers you have!!!! :) Totally craving some cadbury's right now, better run to the store and get some! :) And PS, I forgot to congratulate you on baby #2!!! SO EXCITING! :)

Design it Chic said...

awwwwwww that's so sweet of her!!! hope you enjoyed the yummy chocolates :D

Happy Tuesday!!!

* if you're in for some random, just stop by:)

Felicia said...


I know what you mean. I have thoughts of abandoning my blog daily it seems lately. But then, I think of people like you who truly do brighten my day. What a sweet friend you have to send you all of those awesome goodies!

Miti said...

So glad you decided to keep up with your blog. I'm really enjoying my time visiting you. Blogging has become a big blessing to me. I'm always getting so many words of encouragement. It was so sweet of her to send you a little pick me up.