Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh Gro Baby...I ❤ You

I've talked about Gro Baby diapers a few times before on this blog...most recently, though, i mentioned them on my {life with} Cutie Face blog (seen here). These diapers have quickly become my fave go-to dipes (especially the snap version--so my favorite!).

Baby C aka Monkey aka Cutie Face (one day I'm going to stick with a single moniker, I promise) modeled them a few months ago:

Gro Baby recently came out with Biodegradable Soaker Pads. These are kind of like the biodegradable liners that gDiapers sell but they have a few notable differences:

  • They fit perfectly into the Gro Baby covers (no bunching!)
  • They biodegrade quickly! The longest they'll last in a landfill is 150 days! impressive!
  • They STICK to the liner so they won't come out!

  • They come in two sizes--Newborn/infant and Infant/Toddler

I am hoping to review their new BioSoaker products (compliments of he Natural Baby Co.) and, if I do, i'll let you know how they work!

3 people think...:

Denise said...

She's adorable!!! I just LOVE the bow!

Please come by my blog, I've nominated you for an award.

Southern Belle said...

I am a big fan of gro baby diapers myself. If and when you write a review of the biodegradable diapers I look forward to reading it. Currently my two favorite cloth diapers are Gro-Baby for daytime and Haute diapers for nighttime with a hemp insert.


Julia said...

Oh girl...shun me if you like, but I CRIED the other day because I was soooo tired of cleaning goopy poopie CD's! You know I ONLY have Gro Babies...and I just kept thinking to myself "I wonder how much Allie would pay me for these?" ha!