Friday, October 16, 2009

Featured Follower: Chelsi from the McFadden Family Adventures!

How come the most AWWWW-dorable families follow me? I cannot get over everyone's cuteness each time I do a Featured Follower post. LOVE it and LOVE getting to know you all. (and, if you want to be a featured follower one day, make sure you fill out the form found on this post)

This week's featured follower is Chelsi from the McFadden Family Adventures. She participates in I ❤ Faces and other fun blogging networks so she is a great go-to gal for neat links! Chelsi started blogging around the same time I did--February 2009--and has a great recap post of her life to get y'all acquainted with her.

Chelsi is married to a Communications Operator for Cal-Fire. He is also a Volunteer Firefighter (can we all say, "Thank you!"?) for Ukiah City Fire Department and an excellent craftsman. He owns and operates their family Business, McFadden Family Woodworking. Partially because her husband is a firefighter, Chelsi wrote a beautiful post about the September 11th anniversary.

They have two sons: Little Firefighter (almost 5!) and Mr. Moo (18-months). Both are so super cute!

Chelsi seems like such a wonderful and wise mother. If you get a chance, you should check out her post on taming her Little Firefighter's temper tantrums from a Christian perspective (something I'm definitely going to need to bookmark!).

Chelsi is super creative and crafty (she made that cake for Mr. Moo's 1st birthday!)...and she is also a great photographer. You are bound to find some great pictures in every post...eye candy for sure!

Check out The McFadden's Family Adventures today!

2 people think...:

Mrs. McFadden said...

awww, thank you, I am honored! :0)

Melissa G. said...

Two super duper things!!! You're featured follower is great Mrs. McFadden! And you won 2nd PLACE in I heart Faces! How cool it that!? Go you! I'm still amazed at how you got the bubble in the picture along with baby C. excited face.