Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All About Us

I've been tagged by Lauren over at Thread by Thread (she is a great mama, blogger, crafter and follower of Christ! if you haven't checked her out yet, do so now!). This is a little "all about us" ie me and the big "J" my hubster!
  • What are your middle names?
    me--Leigh; him--Robert ... kind of like Robert E. Lee?

  • How long have you been together?
  • we started dating January 7, 2001. Not that I remember the exact "RDT" (relationship defining talk) or anything...

  • How long did you know each other before you started dating?
  • a looong time. We met officially during my Freshman InterVarsity Fall retreat at college...which would have been September 1999. So 18 months give or take

  • Who asked who out?
  • well, we didn't really have a date but i wanted J to be the instigator in our relationship so i waited for him to finally come up with the aforementioned "RDT"

  • Who made the first move?
  • i was smitten and taken the first moment i saw him. Oh my it was pathetic. So in love with him and just "knew" i'd be with him eventually. Whether or not i made the first move i don't know. I guess we would AIM a lot (back in the day that was the thing to do!) when he was studying abroad. We really got to know each other well. I probably initiated more AIM chats so I guess me...?

  • How old are each of you?
  • me--28
    him--the big 3-0

  • Did you go to the same school?
  • college yes...that is how we met.

  • Are you from the same home town?
  • oh no. i'm a mutt from the Midwest and now the South...he is a New Englander through and through

  • Who is the smartest?
  • let's just say i got my "PhT" (putting-him-through) while he got an MPhil (from Cambridge University, UK) and a JD (from Harvard Law School). Yeahhh you do the math

  • Who majored in what?
  • me--Biology
    him--East Asian Studies (he is so smart he made up his own major)

  • Who is the most sensitive?
  • depends on the subject. He used to ask me to stop being so tough around him because I never wanted to appear sensitive...so i guess we share an equal load of sensitivitiy

  • Where do you eat out most as a couple?
  • Taco Mac for sure. We went into labor with Cutie Face while on Thursday-night-date-night at the Mac. Gotta love it.

  • Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
  • I'd say Phuket, Thailand but we didn't travel together...we just ended up at the same resort...he came from Japan and I came from Michigan and we met in the...errr...middle?

  • Who has the worst temper?
  • me. if i ever flare i fizzle fast but J is remarkably even keeled...to the point that i wish he had more of an opinion. I like what Lauren wrote: I think we both *could* flare up quickly and easily, but by the Grace of God, we're both learning to maintain control.

  • How many children do you want?
  • we're currently thinking 4 at the moment. 2 biological and 2 adopted. But that is something that God has control of and something that I've let go as much as possible (the number of our family....going through so many losses made me realize that God is the one who will grant us our children no matter what my wishes are!)

  • Who does the cooking?
  • he cooks i bake

  • Who is more social?
  • hmmmm. i guess "MORE" would be him but we are both very extroverted (and so is Cutie Face...almost alarmingly so!)

  • Who is the neat-freak?
  • UGH I wish i was more of one. i freak out more about uncleanliness but, again, he is even keeled and nothing bothers him

  • Who is the most stubborn?
  • him...this is where his even-keeledness takes over and allows him to hold out :)

  • Who wakes up earlier?
  • no question ME. I can't tell you how many times his snooze goes off before he finally rolls out of bed

  • Where was your first date?
  • this is very debatable...very debatable. if he reads this blog post, i'll let him defend himself in the comments' section. But I guess our very official first date after our RDT was to DisneyWorld! how about that?

  • Who has the bigger family?
  • he has 2 siblings + 1 stepmom so by default he has a larger base family but my extended family is HUGE and...extended....he doesn't have any cousins, aunts or uncles (sad!) but I have loads (hi cousins who read this blog! i love you!)

  • Do you get flowers often?
  • his tradition while I was earning my "PhT" was to get me flowers every time I started a new job. It meant the world to me to see them sitting on my desk. It even makes me want to cry just thinking about it (don't forget i'm a hormonal pregnant woman)

  • How do you spend the holidays?
  • every-other. We rotate families Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his one year and then we switch

  • Who is more jealous?
  • hmmm this is a weird question. I'll admit it, sometimes i get a little jealous of his traveling life while i stay home with the babette but i don't think i'd ever want the pressure of being a bread-winner...

  • How long did it take to get serious?
  • well, we had a false start (we didn't have an RDT--they're crucial i tell ya!) so it took about 5 months for it to really come together once we realized we were probably more than friends

  • Who eats more?
  • ha! i actually think i might but i eat more healthier items and he eats more...let's just say...manly items

  • What do you do for a living?
  • me--i write blogs. HA. Really. any mom that reads this knows what we do!
    him--general marketing consultant

  • Who does the laundry?
  • me--though i don't fold it as promptly as i should

  • Who’s better with the computer?
  • i'm actually going to just come out and say it--i am!

  • Who drives when you are together?
  • non-road trips: he does. I don't have a love of driving
    road-trips: we switch
  • What is your song?
  • sadly we don't really have a song--but we did dance to "Come What May" (Moulin Rouge) at our wedding...does that count?

I'd love to hear from Natalie, Julia, Nicole, Kathy, another Nicole, and Yankee Mama....only if you have the time, y'all! I know how busy Fall can get!

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lacie said...

you and J look so young in your wedding pictures...crazy to look back, and wonderful to remember. it was so great to get to be with you then. I sure hope I can come out your way sometime and meet your kids someday. love you friend.

Melissa G. said...

That was fun to read! And i love the photos of the two of you!

Natalie said...

You'll have to give me some time on this one. Ha! Although it is 5am here and I just got a call from my g/f that she is in labour and bringing her little guy here any minute, so if I cannot go back to bed {which is likely} I may just get started :)
Great to get to know you a bit BTW!You are simply lovely in your pictures :)

Julia said...

Wow, very cool insight into your personalities :) The photos didn't load b/c somethings up with our router, but I'll stop by later and check them out!

Lauren said...

This was fun! Thanks for playing! :)

Yankee Mama said...

What a neat story. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for the tag-I will get it done eventually.

Susie said...

What a cute couple you are!

**Nicole** said...

LOVE your wedding pics! They're gorgeous! :) And no, it doesn't weird me out at all that you tagged me, I'm pretty psyched actually, lol! I'm a survey nut so I'll be posting this later today ;) :D Oh..and I LOVE the "RDT" never heard it called that before and it's priceless..and you're right, they're very important :D

Tiaras said...

you 2 are a beautiful couple

Talia's Travel Blog said...

Nothing deliberate about posting a photo from our wedding directly under the question about how long it took for you two to get serious right? (For the record we were serious from the start, it just took my darling a little over 5 years, a planned wedding (by me, of course) and a very small bump to brave the RDT ...)

I love your answers to these questions, and the photos are as gorgeous as ever.

Christine Pobke said...

oh my gosh, what a fun survey!!! makes me wanna fill one out! :) and i love the photos that accompany this entry, i feel like i know you and your hubby! :) PS i love that you said he made up his own major LOL! you are stunning!

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures of you two! What a fun couple you make!

Kathy said...

Thank you for your encouragement :)

What great pictures!! Thanks for the tag..I answered :)


Mostly Mom said...

Ooh! I just noticed this! I'll get right on it. You & J are a gorgeous couple!!!! You look so happy together. God is so good, isn't He? I'm on this project!