Monday, August 3, 2009


This weekend, we had fun plans with our church. We were going to go river tubing in Helen, GA on Saturday sans-Baby C, enjoy a post-tubing meal, and then pick up Baby C from the twin's house on our way home.

I guess, technically we did all that...

BUT it took an extra 24 hours to get it all done...

because J "adultnapped" me after tubing and took me to our favorite Bed and Breakfast (the Beechwood Inn) at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains--the same B&B where we spent our 5th year anniversary!

Yesterday, August 2nd, was our 6th year anniversary and J completely surprised me by making arrangements with my family to watch Baby C and reservations with the Beechwood Inn to celebrate 6 years of marriage! The stinker.

I cannot believe I have such a wonderful, thoughtful, caring, kind, surprising husband. (not to mention, a generous family that willingly took Baby C for 48 hours!).

While C was busy playing with her cousin in the bath tub:

and sharing/swapping bottles of Almond Milk on Mimi's lap:

We were tubing down the mighty Chatahoochee (MAYBE 6"?)*:

with a trusty stick:

Getting used to the cold cold water:

taking self-portraits:

and laughing at the lost flip flops (aka "Lost Souls") found on the side of the river:

After tubing, we celebrated our wedding-anniversary eve at the Dillard House, a fun family dining experience to say the least.

They have a "Hollywood" style sign on the top of their it is from behind:

They also had our wedding flowers in full bloom--our wedding theme was blue + white + silver so we used white and blue hydrangeas. I couldn't help but take a picture of them since it was so perfect to see them on our anniversary!

the views from the Dillard House are just gorgeous. This was our view (zoomed in) from our table:

the Dillard House also has an hilarious petting zoo. There were many pregnant goats and some new kids. We got a good laugh out of this one...who practiced her mountain climbing skills on a buffalo!

On Sunday, we passed some of our favorite street signs in Georgia (we noticed on our 5-year anniversary trip last year that they have THE BEST street names!)

and we also visited three gorgeous wineries on our way back home to Baby C:

Three Sisters Winery

Frogtown Cellars Winery

and Wolf Mountain Winery

And, since summer to me is all about spending time with family, I thought I'd tag up with one of my fave blogs, I Heart Faces, where they are celebrating "My story through photos: Summer Edition".

Summer also brings back memories of being on the water (Lake Lanier, water skiing, houseboating, pooling it, beaching it, etc.) AND celebrating our wedding anniversary and NOW celebrating C's birthday (on Saturday!)

How do YOU memorialize summer? Check out more ways people across the USA, Canada, and the WORLD, celebrate by clicking here!

*special note! These pictures were taken, shockingly enough, with a Kodak Disposable Camera!

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Rocio said...

Those were amazing photos! They are so perfect!
I love the picture of the "lost souls" hilarious!!!
Have A beautiful Monday!!!

Foursons said...

Happy Anniversary! That Lost Souls picture is hilarious!

Me-Mo said...

Looks like you & your husband had a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful weekend getaway. It looks like you guys had a blast, and Baby C had fun with her cousin : ) Yay!

He & Me + 3 said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. Your pictures were great and your hubs is a real sweetie to adultnap you. How cool! Happy Anniversary. That is awesome!

jen@odbt said...

What a great getaway for your anniversary! Those are great pics - I would not have thought they were from a disposable.

Runningamuck said...

What a great Hubby you have! Surprises are always fun. =0) Your photos are great, thanks for sharing them and for your kind words about my "story" too.

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful surprise and such a sweet, sweet husband to plan it so well. I think you have yourself a keeper:)

Lindsay Anne Reustle said...

I love the bathtub photo! The ones of the flowers were beautiful, too! Thanks for sharing.

Mommy Rachelle said...

Congrats on six years. How romantic to return to a spot with memories. Loved looking at all the photos along the way.

Melissa said...

Wow, what a beautiful place!
That was so thoughtful of your hubby to 'nap you and treat you for your anniversary!

Mylinda said...

The pictures of the babies looking at the tub is too cute! I want to steal this photo idea, but I'd have to clean the tub first...... Is it worth it? Our church went tubing in Helen last week and we are planning an anniversary getaway next week, so I'm right there on the same page with ya!

Alice said...

that tubing down the COLD river looked like a lot of fun! great photos - a fun summer :)

i have my summer shots up if you want to come over and visit for awhile :O)