Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Traveling with kids...the sane way

Well...you may remember from yesterday's post that I thought I left my camera in my purse at the church...well. Found the purse, Lost the camera. I know it is in my house somewhere I just have no idea where it is. Ugh. I really need to start putting honing devices on everything that i value (including baby C? nahhh)

Here is the last time I remember seeing my camera...in the twin's photo...in our rental van:

Anyway, that means that all my photos from our trip to Kansas are stuck on my camera which is stuck...somewhere. So, we're going to make do with pictures from the twin. Thanks sis!

As you may also remember, we traveled from Atlanta to Kansas City to Wichita to Columbia (MO) to Atlanta. In 4 days. With two babies, two grandparents, and 3 parents (sadly, the twin's hubby, Mt.Man was stuck at home working). Woohoo.

I thought we were seasoned travelers after all the roadtrips we'd taken in the past with Baby C. Needless to say, we learned a lot this trip. Here are our top tips...but I'd LOVE to hear your tips, too! Please let me know what works best for you!

1. If you're driving for a long time, make sure you switch drivers, stay caffeinated (case 1: find a Starbucks anywhere--here we are driving into a Starbucks at a hospital; case 2: free Mocha Monday's at McDonalds). Switching drivers also allows the kiddos to see a different face and change things up for them. They'll appreciate the change, too!

2. Bring lots of toys and food/snacks. Here is Cousin R reading one of the books the twin checked out at the library pre-trip. And a glorious photo of me helping Baby C and Cousin R eat string cheese.

3. Don't be afraid to make a lot of stops. Pre-kids J and I were used to traveling and ONLY stopping for gas. Now we take breaks so that the kiddos can stretch their legs. Also don't be afraid to explore what might be at your rest stop--here we found a cool Eagle on a Ball with a Fish (Cousin R's explanation of the strange statue)

4. Speaking of stops, make sure you stop for dinner. We usually would eat in the car but now we stop for meals. C loved eating at one local fast food chain (we brought enough food to last the trip! don't worry! no fast food for her...though J did try to sneak a bite of chocolate ice cream smoothie shake)

5. Enjoy what you are driving through--you may enjoy blowing through cities to get to the final destination. But don't forget to look at where you are right at the moment...like right next to the St. Louis Arch (again, thanks twin for these photos!)

6. Pray for sleep! Not for the driver but for the babies!

Okay...what are your tried-and-true travel trips?

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Lauren said...

We do a lot of driving with the children, and while most of our drives are less than 3 hours, we do our fair share of 5, 6, and even 8-9 hour drives.

My single biggest tip is not always convenient, but if your children are pretty good car sleepers, plan to leave at a normal sleep time for them anyway. It helps to keep them from getting COMPLETELY off a normal schedule right off the bat.

We also have some CDs that the kids love listening to, and that helps to entertain them. Hubs doesn't like to listen to them all the time (not that I love it, but I'm willing to if it keeps the peace!), so we stagger them with our own music or sermons on CD. And I pack a big - BIG - bag before we leave, with pre-portioned snacks in cups (snack traps or some other brand of the same idea), and sippy cups that I can easily hand back to them. The BIG bag also has several toys and books for both kids, preferably ones that they haven't seen for at least a week or two before our trip (I pull things out of their toy stash ahead of time in preparation for our drive). Then they're "new" and the fun will last a little longer! :o)