Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Saturday Sunday Steals!

Sorry everyone! Totally dropped the ball and didn't get on my computer at all since 9 AM yesterday. So nice--I could get used to being Internetless but then I'd miss everyone in the bloggy world. So, here i am!

To start off the super deals, I'd like to introduce a deal that is really quite incredible. Maybe some of you have noticed that new button I posted on the right sidebar. If not, here it is in all its flashy glory:

save $ on gDiapers 6 pack

What does it mean, you ask? Well, from now until July 31st, is selling a 6 pack of gDiapers covers (3 orange and 3 vanilla) for $40. They are originally priced at $70, but since I am a gMum they are going to send me a coupon code that I can give out to as many friends as I'd like to get $30 off.

gDiapers started as an easy way to cloth diaper. Their inserts were biodegradeable (not cloth) and could be flushed easily. If you didn't want to flush them, you could use your diaper pail where they'd decompose within days instead of withing years! Baby C has been in gDiapers from the get-go.

Instead of buying her the disposable liners, though, we used cloth inserts so that the diaper would be completely reusable. gDiapers FINALLY came out with their own cloth diaper inserts this month so now you can have a reusable insert that fits perfectly into the diaper cover.

For all you diaper moms out there, think prefolds and covers but easier--no prefolding just inserting!

If you have ever entertained the idea of cloth diapering, this would be a great opportunity for you to try them out for a steal. gDiapers are $16.99 each, regularly. If you bought six a la carte, you'd pay about $102! $40 plus shipping is a great deal! Please know, though, that you are just getting the covers and the liners. You have to buy the inserts separately.

Maybe buy some for a friend for her baby shower or stock up on a 6-pack in each size (they come in 3 sizes--Baby C, at nearly 11-months, is still in the medium). Any way you cut it it is a fabulous deal!

What you need to do is click on the button above, add as many 6-packs to your cart as you'd like and then enter this code (it is case-sensitive so beware) g1090Schellhammer

And, if we are the people that sell the most with our code....we win a free trip to Portland! So, bonus savings for you and bonus trip for us!


Okay! enough about gDiapers. Here are some more fab deals:


BJ's is giving away a 60-day pass to their wholesale club! J and I are suckers for warehouse food stores--we love samples :) Yes, I know, pathetic, but still fun. We always get the large bins of salad, broccoli, gogurt, and frozen berries (so yummy in smoothies!)

Unlike some of the free passes to warehouse clubs, this free 60-day pass to BJ’s Wholesale Club comes with only one string attached: You must activate the pass by July 6, 2009 to get the deal. Unlike Sam's Club and Costco, it does not state that you’ll be required to pay a 10% service fee at checkout during the trial period.

Test it out by stocking up for your 4th of July picnic on the cheap! I think they even have cheap gas, too!


back to diapers


The Cloth Diaper Blog
is having a Kissaluvs giveaway. Check out those crazy prints and click on the picture for your chance to win!

FEED YOUR STASH Friday: A Kissaluvs Giveaway!

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is giving away Thirsties covers and prefolds (kind of like what we talked about up there with the gDipes). Click on the picture to be taken to that giveaway--sooooo many chances to enter and win!

Apple Cheeks is at it again with another giveaway hosted by So Fawned. Click on the picture to be taken to her blog for your chance to win!

Jess at Monkey Toes Reviews and Giveaways is hosting a Smartipants giveaway. These diapers are similar to applecheeks in that they use snaps and you don't have to remove the insert before washing! (two very very nice features). Smartipants are smart for one other reason--they are economical! So, even if you don't win, you can easily buy them...but do check out the giveaway first!


a few clothing steals...


I know that if you spend $50 at Old Navy this weekend you'll receive a coupon for $20 off $20. FREE MONEY! Who can beat that?

Also, Gap is selling all their jeans for $19.99 IN STORE ONLY. I spoke with a cashier and he said they are making way for the new styles. Keep in mind, the styles will have the same name but be different--so your fave old style might not fit the same way it used to. Kind of tricky!

Do you know of any other great deals and steals going on out there?

Feel free to comment about your giveaway, Etsy store special, etc, too!

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