Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've been tagged!

Christine, the gracious mama behind Southern Belle Dreaming tagged me a while back and I am finally getting around to thanking her publicly! Thank you, Christine!

My job is to list 6 {un}important things that make me happy...

  1. Sunday afternoons with my husband, J, and sweet Baby C...but, technically, that is important because it is our family time. We usually go for long walks in our neighborhood, dream about houses we could live in and admire gorgeous gardens. If C is lucky, we'll stop by a playground and let her swing!

  2. Hearing Baby C wake up in the morning and just babble sweetly to her animal friends in her crib.

  3. Farmer's Markets. Amy at Living Locurto tweeted about going to a Farmer's Market yesterday. J and I LOVE to go to them and chat with the farmers. What an interesting life they lead! It is so neat to hear the "behind-the-scenes" stories about the produce!

    What is even cooler is that our church volunteers every Saturday at a farmer's market right next to our building. Then we get to play "farmer"

  4. Winning a giveaway on someone's blog! That makes my month!

  5. Singing praise and worship songs in the car with my windows and sunroof open and the radio on loud! I especially love the singers that hail from my home church, Laura Story and Aaron Shust!

  6. Watching Baby C blossom into a little girl. It is SO fun to be a mom and every new discovery definitely makes me happy!
And now i get to tag 6 of you! I decided to make it really easy on me (hey! its the weekend! i'm lazy!) and tag the last 6 people who publicly followed me...and who have blogs...***ETA: 3 new people followed me today after I posted! Sorry to #197, #196, and #195 for missing out on the fun!***

  1. Janelle from Cavanagh Chronicle
  2. Ashley from The Miskels
  3. Tiffany from Walensky Photo {blog}<---I LOVE her photos!
  4. Sandra from What's all the Brew-Ha-Ha?
  5. Natalie from A Touch of Country
  6. Courtney from Courtney's Corner
If you were tagged and you don't want to play, don't worry! I just thought it would be fun to highlight a few of you new gals who are "tagging" along on my blog!

Speaking of which, I almost have 200 followers which is CRAZY. We might have to do a special giveaway when Monkeys on the Bed reaches that number! What do you think?

Oh yeah--and what makes you happy?

3 people think...:

Janelle said...

Thanks for Tagging Me!! Im looking to get more followers, any suggestions? Can you promote me on your blog? Maybe send followers my way? If they enter my Giveaway for the Towel and mention they came from your blog, if I get 40 Followers I will send you a Towel for "C"? Or do a Giveaway on you blog? feel free to contact me at


Kathy said...

I'm not surprised that your followers are growing :)

Sandra J. Strickler said...

Thanks for the tag! It got me posting, and now I want to post all the time!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.