Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're back!

Well, friends, we are back. And my, oh my, do we have a lot of updates.

I plan on regularly posting starting on Monday. Until then, I'll be tweaking my layout a bit more and getting my Monday-Friday post formats down.

Sadly, however, the main reason for my delay back to bloggy-world is not due to layout or format changes.

On Friday, my family received extremely sad news. My grandpa, who is like a second father to me and the twin, has a rapidly-growing malignant brain tumor. They operated on it yesterday and will know more on Monday when they speak with the pathologist. Until then, I'll be praying for peace and hope. And, I hope you might join me in doing so.

Grandpa with C back in February

3 people think...:

Lauren said...

I'm so sorry, Mama! I'll pray for your g-pa and your whole family in this time. So glad to have you back!

Kathy Eller said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I am crying with you and will be praying for you. My prayer is for peace for all those that love him and for wisdom and insight for his Drs. and for speedy healing and recovery.

I lOVE the photo of your Grandpa with Miss C :)

The Newly Mrs. said...

Oh, friend! So sorry to hear about your grandpa. My thoughts and prayers will definitely be with your family...any updates today? xoxo