Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 Things you're "Dying" to know...right?! yeah...

Slowly catching up at home and reading my favorite blogs...when I found that sweet Kelly at Our Lincoln Log tagged me for a fun post entry. Thanks, Kelly!

Before I get bogged (blogged?!) down, I'm doing it right now!

1) What is your current obsession?
i am currently obsessed with Picnik and making my pictures pretty enough to enter I ♥ Faces contests and interesting enough to become my blog background!

2)Which item of clothing do you wear most often?
Really long tanktops with built-in bra support. I have a short torso and I think that these tanks help elongate it and, bonus--it covers up my midriff (i have this weird fear of having my belly button showing). I also love them because they are great layering items. I wear them almost every day!

3)What's for dinner?
Oh the joy of coming home to an empty fridge. Dinner was a hodgepodge of whatever we could find in the freezer. Highlight? Cookies and Cream FroYo. Delish

4)What are you listening to?
Currently, I'm listening to a Harry Potter movie playing in the background. Unfortunately, I am most definitely not listening to the voices in my head telling me to put down the computer and put away my clothes!

5)Say something about the one who tagged you...
Kelly is a super sweet new mom who also cloth diapers her darling son. Her love and adoration for both her husband and her son is apparent in every post!

6)Favorite vacation spot?
When we lived in England, J and I took an amazing vacation to Spain. We loved every minute of it, especially our time in Ronda. If I analyzed this question properly, though, i think that it is asking about a frequently visited vacation spot--and that would most definitely be in Naples, Florida, to visit my grandparents.

7)What are you reading right now?
Catching up on all my blogs! I am really looking forward to reading a new book i just checked out from the library ("Twelve Extraordinary Women") while also trying to read "Potty Training Your Baby" and "The Diaper Free Baby"

8)4 words to describe yourself:
Christian, Joyful, Content, Curious

9)Guilty Pleasure?
brownie mix--straight up with a little water. Mix it in a bowl, grab a spoon, and settle in with #7

10)First Spring thing to do?
In Boston, Spring lasts a day. It came in late and then it was Summer. In Atlanta, Spring also lasts a day but it comes in early! So, when Spring sprang, the first thing we did was take a walk to the park and admire all the fresh green sprigs budding on the trees.

And now for your turn:

I am officially tagging Melissa from The Gill Family Adventures, Kathy from Having a Hallelujah Good Time, and Lauren who can be found at The Diaper Diaries and/or Whatsoever Things are True

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