Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update on Grandpa Teuny

First i would like to thank all of you for praying for my grandpa. It is a humbling experience when you realize that friends are getting on their knees for a man they have never met. My grandpa blew his physical therapist and doctor away by his ability to recover so quickly and so well from such serious brain surgery. I firmly believe he did so well because of all the prayers being offered on his behalf. Thank you, again.

However, the pathologist confirmed that it is Stage-3 Astrocytoma Brain Cancer and that, without chemo or radiation, he will make it only until December. With radiation/chemo, he could live comfortably for two years. The doctors originally were not recommending treatment for a man of his age to go through as they thought it would make him weaker and not prolong the enjoyable life much further. Since his recovery, though, they have revised their opinion and are encouraging my grandpa to have treatment.

Baby C and I have recently been having video GMail chats with my grandparents. Seeing him over the computer, though, is not the same as in real-life so my brother-in-law, C, and I are driving down to Florida mid-morning (today!) to be with them.

(past updates on Grandpa can be found here)

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Jaimee said...

Your Grandfather & family are in my prayers! Safe trip...I'm sure you're visit will bring him so much happiness!