Monday, May 4, 2009


i've posted three times since i've been back but haven't done a recap yet...mainly because sooo much happened in a week i dreaded writing about everything!

I know most people wouldn't want to read too much, anyway, so I'm just going to do our week in pictures (because, in my opinion, a blog is worthless without photos!)

started bright and early with our 1st Peachtree in Training run. We have a great team!

drove to the 'burbs, celebrated J's b-day with ice cream cake and then left C with my parents. She spent the night with them and we were away from her for more than 20 hours

Headed to the Inman Park Festival, watched the crazy parade, caught up with friends, and then had a wonderful dinner at the Porter Beer Bar. Delish!

Headed to the Four Seasons to redeem a prize I won at a local road race. Of course, the Prom was happening at the same time. Awesome. Don't *really* miss those days (not that I went to prom anyway!) I tried to snap a picture with my phone to show you the crazy dresses they wear these days. Scandalous! We also ran into Charles Barkley at the registration desk. Neat-o.

Picked C up at church--she was entertaining the wonderful Information Booth workers (Mimi and Poppy included)--and hit the road to Michigan

Made a decently-long stop so that C could stretch her legs and get the cranky out. Love the Midwest people--C made tons of friends at Culver's and I feel like we knew them when we left the restaurant! She also faced a food choice dilemma: junk food or healthy food. Guess who gave her the french fry?

made it to Hillsdale in record time. (I don't want to know how we got there that quickly!)

J's mom stocked the fridge (thank you!) so that i could make all of C's baby food--stayed up until 12:30 Monday to make it all but I didn't want her to have only french fries to choose from. Ha!

The fruits of my labor (C wasn't so sure--check out that face!)

While visiting J's mom's new lake house, I tried to get some shots for the I Heart Faces Week 16 theme (reflections) but didn't get very far.

We then headed to a surprise 30th Birthday Party for J that his mom put together--former professors and the President of the college were in attendance. It was a very nice dessert reception held in a former train depot, renovated to be a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast. C, in her pajamas, especially loved the giraffe:

Rainy and cold!

More of the same!

Last day in Hillsdale. J's mom treated us to a new restaurant. Check out the item description under the Veggie Tempura. Only in Hillsdale. C took the high road and ate cucumbers instead of fries. Good girl!

On the road again. Keeping C occupied was a full-time job.

We left very early but this time we did not make record time. Tornadoes, crazy wind, and torrential rain greatly disrupted our trip.

Found out my Grandpa has a brain tumor. Cried and cried and still am crying.

We took a much-needed and fun detour in Chattanooga to see J's dad and Jen. Finally hit the door of our apt. 13 hours later. Phew!

C, deciding to welcome us home woke up 3 times throughout the night. Awesome. It also rained and poured throughout the night. Sadly (?) the road race I was supposed to run was not cancelled as there was finally a break in the rain. So off we all went. It turned out a lot better than I thought.

We came back home and wanted to walk to the grocery store. Then we saw the rain clouds--they were black! So, we ran home and hopped in the car. Good thing we did! We had to hang out in the parking lot for 20 minutes just waiting for it to subside a little bit.

J entertained C while we waited. Scary:


J left! Sadness. He will be gone until Friday, May 15th. I just have to finish by posting this sweet picture, taken last Monday. C will be especially sad during J's absence.

PS Yay! you made it through the world's longest post. Thanks for sticking with me

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Becca said...

This is a long post -- but I still loved it :-) especially all the cute pictures!

Melissa said...

Aww, that last photo is so cute!
I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. =(

Julia said...

I heard about your Grandpa and I am praying for all of you.