Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

Well the long weekend is just about 2/3 of a way over and we still have a fun BBQ planned with the twin's fam and my parents tomorrow. It has been a great weekend so far--cooler than normal and slightly rainy which makes being outside with a baby a bit more fun. Lets just say we are very thankful for our Phil and Ted's Rain Cover and our LL Bean rain coats!

I was going to write a long recap but i figured that a picture says 1000 words! Just a few highlights that you'll see--J and C hung out while i helped coach the Peachtree in Training group--lets just say, C's room interesting scene when i came home. See if you can find the evidence! Afterwards, we visited the Decatur Arts Festival. Today was fun, too, involving lots of time outdoors and one loooong 3-hour walk! C was a trooper!

Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

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Becca said...

oh I just love all the cute pictures! :-)


ooooo! someone who takes pictures of clouds all the time like i do! you know, some people will think you dafty, but i find it marvelous!!! tks!