Sunday, April 12, 2009

While J was here with my dad:

C and i spent Easter Sunday with my mom and the twin's family.

We visited my parents' (much larger) church which meant C got to go to the "Bunnies" nursery (very appropriate for today). This was only the second Sunday she has gone to nursery as our church only has nursery for ~9 months--2 years old.

Unfortunately, it was a sad morning for her. Stranger anxiety has definitely set in! Guess we'll just have to get out more and leave her with a babysitter. Shucks!

Perhaps equally unfortunate was the fact that my camera battery died today and I didn't have my charger. I was hoping to capture a few good Springy/Eastery photos for this week's upcoming I Heart Faces contest. Not to fret, though--the twin let me borrow her camera so we still got some fun pics of C enjoying her Easter basket. I have a few more pics on the backburner for the contest. Stay tuned for that post!

until then, C and I hope you had a Happy Easter !

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Melissa said...

That's a really beautiful picture of you and your daughter!