Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: Baby Signing Time

Besides the songs running around and around your head all. day. long., I love these DVDs. (If you use these DVDs, just try getting the songs out of your head.) I love them because C gets a huge kick out of them and because they really do help babies learn sign language!
A small disclaimer: I used to be a huge anti-video/TV watcher. I did not want C to even catch glimpses of the screen when it was on. I guess I was afraid any kind of exposure would contribute to ADD or ADHD. However, after watching this video, I really like that it is slow moving without flashy lights or images that could overstimulate a babe. Any smart mommies out there who want to chime in about all of this?
My ever-helpful twin was the first to tell me about these DVDs. She showed them to Baby R during feeding times and now R is an expert on many of the signs! I talked to a few parents in my playgroup and they love the videos, too. Being the ever-cheapskate that I am, I decided to see if they were at the library (who can beat free!?).
Another side note, I love our library system--not only do they have these DVDs, they also havenatural birthing books, infant pottying books and even Christian fiction!
Anyway, we found them at the library and have been watching them for the last week! They are due back today so I think I'm going to have to buy some to keep permanently at our house.

Here are a few pics of C watching the video:

Please note: I was not compensated for this review. This review is based on my own opinion. I love Baby Signing Time so much that i just wanted to share!

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Andrea said...

Hi A! Love these videos too! We've been doing them with J (after renting from the library, yay for free!). Mostly the videos have taught us what the signs are bc you can't forget them after one song! And then we use them when we're talking to J. I think he gets it, he does all done and milk. :)
(Or maybe I'm just seeing things!)

RootsAndWingsCo said...

My whole family loves these (and that's quite a few fantastic Mommies!)! We also have their CDs that are full of just the songs. We've ended up with a few issues with our children and are so happy to have been able to get some communication from our kids, thanks to these DVDs! My daughter had a significant speech delay, a Nephew has Autism, etc! Not being able to communicate with your child is awful. It makes taking care of them so much harder. All the kids in the family (and that's a good number) thrived on these and were able to sign at least the basics, way before they talked! My kids are older now and I still love them. How can you go wrong with knowing sign language? I've always been fascinated with sign language...glad you are watching these!