Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday's Wanderings...

...through my mind (cue evil laugh..."brahahaha")

Just kidding.

Actually, this post will be very random and rambling because I don't have any one thing from today that stood out enough to merit its own post. Actually, that is not true--I woke up in the middle of the night and had a GREAT idea for a post. I even thought it was incredibly witty and would make all my readers laugh. Then I really did wake up and didn't have a clue what that witty post was. Bummer.

After a busy night yesterday, I did not leave my house today until 8:30 at night. What did I do yesterday you ask? Well, I did something I normally would never do--I ran through the streets of ATL at night (gasp! not only did I just reveal where I live, I also revealed something that my parents would not approve of).

Who knew you could run from where I live, all the way downtown, past the MLK, Jr. Center, the big building where J works, past the GA Aquarium, the Centennial Olympic Park, and the Capitol Building all in one fell swoop?

It was for a really neat cause--taking back the streets of Atlanta by making running "safe". The Atlanta Track Club Competitive Team (of which I am a member) wanted to show the Tuesday Night Run Club our support for their mission. We had roughly 40 runners come out and run through the ATL, hitting most of the major highlights of the city. All told, I ran nearly 11 miles last night which wiped me out today.

What, you ask, finally encouraged me to go outside this evening? I wanted oatmeal-raisin cookies "somethin' fierce". So I googled "something fierce" + "oatmeal cookies" and found this amazing post that was calling my name (picture from Smitten Kitchen)

The dough is currently chilling in the freezer so I'll let you know how they turn out. I did substitute prune butter for the real butter and egg whites for the eggs so we'll see...

In C's little world, it was a headband-less and bow-less day. That means she looked kind of like a boy today, don't you think? Especially in her bright, primary colored shirts. Check it out--blue, yellow, and red without even trying! Ahh, the simple discoveries in life.

2 people think...:

MeghanT said...

What a great cause to run for! I'm with ya on the cookies. They sound deliciious!

We visited Atlanta back in November and went to the GA Aquarium. We loved it and had a great time. My son especially liked the playground in the Olympic Cennetennial Park.
I'm sure you enjoy all the fun things you have to do around there. I would love to just live near the Varsity although I would also be like 200 lbs by now too!

Julia said...

I so need to join a running club. You motivate me! :) And NO, Cate doesn't look like a boy (but that's because I already know she's a girl and I know Asher is a boy). By the way, Jeff and Lori are having a boy!