Monday, April 20, 2009

Marathon Monday!

It is hard to believe that two years ago, I was running the Boston Marathon. It was a CRAZY race for me as i had not run for more than 6 weeks before the marathon due to an injury. Needless to say, i was quite out of running shape. The amazing crowds kept me going and the even more amazing runners kept me strong (and alive!).

As I said, i had not been running the 6 weeks prior to the marathon so i was dying at the end. I fell twice in the last mile because I was so fatigued. The first time, this incredible runner stopped and helped me up. I found out later that he was trying to requalify for next year's marathon. He had to be under a certain time or else he would be out of luck for the 2008 race. His stopping to help me could have cost him the qualifying time but he took the chance and still managed to qualify with mere seconds to spare. He is my marathon hero!

The second time I fell was quite hilarious. I could see the finish line and that was all I was aiming for. I fell again, right over the painted portion of the finish. However, my timing chip had to cross over the timing mat or else it wouldn't count as a finish. So, I ended up crawling over the mat. They had the video on Boston's CBS site for some time but it is no longer there--i wish i could show it to you because it was soo soo funny. Here is a picture of it (see the painted portion behind the orangey red mat):

It is an incredible race and i hope to run it again. For now, I'm content to watch it live on my computer...and you can, too! Check it out here

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Portia said...

I remember that day! I couldn't believe you did it - and you did it well, too (in spite of the falling, the crappy weather, etc)!!

If you're still watching, cheer for our friend Phumlani - Bib # 5024. Trying to beat 3:00:00, currently on pace for 3:00:46 (as of 30K)