Monday, April 20, 2009

Going Green--Earth Day is coming!

I used to think tree-huggers were crazy. While I still think true tree-huggers are a little crazy, I have a completely new appreciation for taking care of the Earth. It is, afterall, God's creation. We are instructed not to idolize or worship the Earth or any aspects of creation but we are called to care for it (Genesis 2:15)!

J's most recent alma mater published an article on this very issue. Part of that article follows:

Nagle traced the starting point of his research to the 1964 Wilderness Act. In support of that bill, ordinary Americans gave testimony regarding their belief that "God created this world, and we should protect it." Though the thought seemed to be on Evangelical Christians' minds, Nagle admitted that the Evangelical voices urging preservation were not the loudest. Indeed, some writers of the time blamed Christianity for the degradation which the Wilderness Act was intended to halt.

Nagle stated that, whatever truth there was in the charges back then, modern-day Evangelical Christians have an obligation to care for the natural world. He said that a serious and thoughtful Christian must recognize certain biblically-based axioms with regard to God and the environment. Chief among those, he said, are that "God created the world and God gave humanity dominion over creation."

Speaking of Earth Day, one of my new blogging friends is hosting a week-long Earth Week Celebration with giveaways every day! She also just updated her blog design and it looks great. Click on her button (below):

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