Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Eggs and Fancy Flowers

We celebrated Easter (kid style) early yesterday with our neighborhood playgroup. It was so fun to see the adorable dresses and sweater vests on all the kiddos. I remember always picking out a special Easter dress for Sunday with my mom. It is a day to celebrate so why not wear your finest and be decked out in something new (afterall, thanks to Easter, we are given the chance to be a new creation)

The happy family:

After the party, C took a nap. Playgroups and Sundays always exhaust her and lead to awesome afternoon naps! I love it! When she woke up, we walked over to the Botanical Gardens. What a beautiful day! The last time we were here we were with Aunty M (who gave C the shirt she is wearing in the following pictures). Everything was gorgeous. I took almost 100 pictures but chose a few of my favorites to show you:

C wore shorts for the first time today. It will also be the last time that she wears them for a while. I think shorts look a little weird on babies...? Here is C, practicing standing:

Loving on her daddy

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