Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

Back in the days when the twin and I were not allowed to watch TV we were allowed to watch sports. Our parents are huge sports fans, mainly of collegiate teams but also of professional football and all things Olympic.

We grew up with the sounds of golf, tennis, football and baseball as our background soundtrack. It came to the point where hearing those noises became a soothing white noise for me and I functioned better (like doing homework or reading) when I heard sporty sounds in the background.

Anyway. I always digress, don't I? Sorry for the tangents!

Since we were continually surrounded by sports, we learned to love sports, especially March Madness. I love getting caught up in the excitement of bracket picks and Cinderella stories. Making my bracket picks every year takes a long time and requires some serious attention. The first rounds are always fun because that is when you get a lot of the upsets and there are a lot of games on at the same time. Since there are so many games on, this almost always requires you to go to a sports bar to watch them all.

Such was the case today. Baby C decided that sleep was not in the cards today so she came along with us to our local sports bar. We rarely have TV on in the house so she gets a huge kick out of seeing all the TVs. Here are a few pics from our night. May the best team advance!

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