Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday ramblings

Our day started at another Consignment Sale. J came with me for the first time and couldn't believe the line (I told him this was nothing...and maybe a sign that it wasn't a great sale!)

We traipsed around the sale for a long time just looking at everything. Lots of random, higher priced things. I decided to venture into another room and left J with C. When I came back, C was firmly planted on this little number, rocking away and having the time of her life:

so, we bought it. We're suckers.

C also ate banana with her hands successfully for the first time today (the other times she just smushed it):

In other news, C is 32 weeks today! This is what she looked like when she was 32 weeks in the womb. I only had a bit more than 6 weeks to go but it felt like for-evah:

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