Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rummage Sales and Running

Today started bright and early at 5 AM with baby C crying in her crib. Turns out she had a huge movement in her diaper and wasn't too keen on going back to sleep with it all hanging out. Yum. So, our day started a little early but I fed her and put her back down and she slept until...8:45! Usually she is my alarm clock so I don't have to worry about putting my alarm on to wake up in time for anything...

Since she woke up so late, it threw us all off schedule--I had places to be--namely the Rummage Sale that I'd frequented the past two days. Today they were pricing everything left at 1/2 off! Can't beat that and i knew that no one else could either and that the line to buy designer kid duds at 90% off regular retail price would be out the door at 9 AM (it was). I'd had my eye on these FuzziBunz cloth diapersand wanted to get them before anyone else did!

They are usually quite a bit of money, even used...and these, at 1/2 off were only $1.50 each! Amazing! Can't wait to try them out! While I was there, I just had to get the most adorable Janie and Jack and Ralph Lauren outfits, too--who can beat $4? Not me! Maybe I'll take a page from Caroline and re-sell them on eBay :)

I am a part of the competitive women's track club in my city. Sadly, I joined right before C was born and haven't really taken advantage of it yet. I am determined to get a Baby Jogger, though so that I can run with her on a more frequent basis. With J traveling all the time, this little number might be the key to my sanity. Now I just have to get my foot healed!

Usually, when not racing I get pretty envious of the other runners. Somehow, between last March and this year, God has granted me PATIENCE and allowed me to not get antsy or jealous when I cannot run or when I watch other people racing. Huge Praise!

Anyway, since I haven't been running (lack of motivation + injured foot + lack of training = OUT OF SHAPE) I am also not racing. But, like a moth to a light, i'm still drawn to racing events. And, part of my commitment to being a part of the competitive team is to volunteer for 2 events per year. Being the lover-of-free things that I am, I don't mind this commitment as I get free bagels (yum!) and free long-sleeve shirts. I think I'm boring my one non-competitive-runner follower so I'll stop with that but anyway, that was how we started our Saturday.

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Bethy J said...

i may not be a "competitive" runner, but i do tend to be competitive in other areas:) great post - i am definitely considering following in your cloth diapering ways when we get there...